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006 - Gifted (Christmas Memories)


This week, Andrew talks about his favorite Christmas gift from his childhood. Additionally, we'll discuss the D-Squad arc from Clone Wars, The Rise of Skywalker, reaction to THAT Mandalorian season finale (If you don't know what we're talking about, maybe go and watch it first?), and his hatred of Chuck Wendig's prose. 

Dad Lorian podcast. Make sure your kids were winter jackets so you don't have to bring them in cold. Hello and welcome back to the DAD Lorian podcast. I am your host, Andrew, and this is episode six. This is actually episode six, take two, because we'd recorded this just a few minutes ago and it did not actually record anything. Hopefully this will be a more efficient and cleaner version than the last time, so we'll see. Any case, this is just me kind of trying to bring you behind the curtain to let you know, yes, I mean human being making this and yeah, sometimes things go wrong. Any case, this week I want to talk about favorite Christmas present. You know, it is one of those things where we're at that time of year, Christmass this week, and so we are getting ready for that, and I was just thinking back on it for myself as a child and kind of the Christmas presents that I remember the most, and there are two specifically that come to mind for two completely different reasons. The first one that comes to mind, and this is actually second on my wist of favorites, so we'll put it that way, it was laser tag. There was a time for those of you who grew up like I did, in the S and going to play laser tag was like the greatest thing. This is, you know, obviously pre two thousand and twenty. I don't know how you would run a laser with tag arena now, with all of the cleaning requirements to make sure that you don't get germs spread around. Not that we ever cared about that in the S, but we hear about it now, and so that's obviously the thing going on right now. But regardless, like you'd go to a friend's birthday party at a laser tag arena and it was like the greatest thing ever. You're under black lights and you got to find out which of your friends really really spent too much time cleaning their teeth. You know, I'm thinking the episode of Ross in friends with the black light after you'd gotten his teeth white and and it's like horrifyingly glowing. Yeah, that kind of thing any case. But so that was like the thing that you would go to your friend's birthday parties for. But no one gets to be spendy after a while. I don't remember what it was, but I just remember it was usually at least twenty bucks for me to go to a friend's birthday party. If they were doing it at alwayser tag arena, it might have been more than that. Regardless, it was a bit, it was a pretty penny. So when they came out with laser tag kits that you could actually play at home and all my friends wand up getting them, I thought that was the greatest thing ever and couldn't wait to get mine. And I'd made sure my parents knew over and over I really want this lasertag thing. I really want this lasertag thing. Well, the problem with me specifically is I was an expert as a child of finding my presence and that particular box. I can tell you there was no way that my parents would have been able to hide it and I wouldn't have found it. I knew the exact dimensions of that box and I knew what to look for under the tree and all of that. And so when I looked under the tree, I did not see that box and I opened presence thinking, well, I don't know, maybe maybe. No, no, maybe I was wrong, maybe there's another package for it. No, no, get to the last box under the tree and it is definitely like it is a shoe box shape and I know that it's a shoebox shape because it is not the laser tag shape. Well, it turned out that my mom knew that I knew that there was a specific box size I was looking for and she had actually taken it out of the box and put it into a shoe box so that I would not know what was coming. So yeah, that was one of those moments of me remembering it. But I had a lot of fun with that. Actually, my friends and I we all took ours apart and like tricked them out paint wise, so we all had custom paint jobs on them. Was a great, great thing back in the day. So yeah, so that was the one that came to mind and that is number two on my wist. Number one on my wist would have to be the SEGA game gear, and back in the day Sega was actually a fairly good game system maker. For those of you who haven't been alive long enough, Sega I did actually used to make consoles. They didn't used to just make sonic the hedgehog games for other consoles. So back in those days, though, it was all about the SEGA versus Nintendo and who was the better system...

...and all of that, and I very distinctly remember wanting a sega game gear. One of my buddies had sega game gear and the rest of my friends all had the Nintendo game boy. When it came to mobile devices, I always thought the game gear was cool were because it had a color screen and when you think about it, Nintendo's color screened game boy did not come out until nineteen, I think it was ninety eight, so it was ahead of its time in that regards. Now, did it have its flaws? Yes, that thing was a battery Hog. I remember how many double way batteries I had to go through to keep that thing alive. I mean it took six batteries to run that thing, and that was for a limited amount of time, and my parents eventually invested in the battery pack for it, which was helpful, but you still had to plug it in and charge it almost on a constant basis. So, but that was, I think, my favorite Christmas gift over the years and it made just a huge impact on me because it was my first game system. When you look at game systems like I had a super Nintendo at one point only because one of my mom's friends gave it to us, and then every other game system that I have ever purchased, I have purchased used. I owned a playstation one, a playstation to a Nintendo sixty four. I owned a xbox three hundred and sixty and xbox one. All of those have been purchased use. The only system in all of my life that I have not purchased used was the Nintendo we because that one was one that I was like, I really, really want this, and so I saved up my money and I got it and waited at four o'clock in the morning on a Saturday to pick it up. And Yeah, and that was not like Christmas waiting. That was like in February. So it was still when it was a hot ticket item even after Christmas. All that said, like, though, you never know what your kids are going to remember when they get older and when they're thinking back on their presence. Like I could probably name other presents that I had over the years, but the ones that really took out to me where the laser tag as well as the game gear, and the game gear, I think, was all the time favorite, because I remember the Games on that I played, the Sonic Games. I actually wound up spending a lot of time playing a xmen game and I very distinctly remember it was super hard when you got to the last level and you had to go up against magneto. I think once I almost chucked the game gear because I was so close to beating him and he beat me and I was tipped. So yeah, so that is my memory and you know, I'm right now at the face that we're in. Alton is definitely going to remember whatever we get him, and the stuff that he remembers is always funny because, like, we're getting his brother this year little people farm and he's like, why didn't you get me one of those? I wanted one of those, and we're like, seriously, kid, you were happy with anything. Austin probably will be happy with the box that it comes in. Like he, I legitimately don't think, cares for toys himself. He doesn't play with his brothers toys, he doesn't play with his own toys. You know what he plays with? He pulls all of the DVD's off of the shelf and chucks them on the ground or he finds a puzzle and dumps it all over the ground like, and we're not talking like the small puzzles, we're talking like the hundred plus peace puzzles. And yeah, so his his toy is mischief, will just put it that way. He is an absolutely amazing little terror at times, but we still love him. So all right. Well, with that, we're going to go ahead to go to our first break and then we're going to go back to what we watched this week, and I'm this week I'm doing it a little bit different because I'm actually going to combine that with wistener feedback, because I had a lot of listener feedback on something that we watched. So, yeah, if you want to reach out to us, you are more than welcome to do so. Right now, the most popular way to reach out to me seems to be on Instagram, at the Dad Delirian podcast. You can also hit us up on email at the Dad Dolorian podcast at gmailcom. You can reach out to us via our website, the Dad Delian dotnet, and there's a... us area there where you can send a form email through, or you can also use a voice recording feature there where you can actually record a voice message and send it in. If you do that, I will be happy to have you on the air to share your question or comment. Or whatever is that you're bringing on. And Yeah, so we're going to head to our first break. It will be right back. All right, and we are back. Thank you so much for sticking around for that Delirian podcast. So this week, in terms of things that we watched, there's a few things that we watched. First foremost, we had the quone wars, the D squad episodes, and for those of you who aren't familiar, there is a series of episodes that's very are to centric, where he and a group of other astromechx are tasked with infiltrating a separatist ship to steal a decoder chip so that they can hack into the they can hack into the communications of the separatists, and it's a fun little episode. One of the droids actually serves as the command center for their little tiny alien friend who is in command of the mission, and he develops a affinity for these droids after initially just saying you're stupid droids, you don't know how to think, and now he's realized by the end of this arc that, oh no, the druids are actually pretty good in improvisation and I'd be glad to serve with them again but it's very much our to centric. They wind up on a her getting the thing out of the ship. Wind up on a desert planet. They go for a while, they get to this town and when they arrive in the town there's separatists there, but then also there is a republic cruiser in orbit and they need to get onto that republic cruiser, but they have to get past the droids in order to do that. It winds up being that this town has a clone named Gregor who is there and he has amnesia. He doesn't remember that he's a clone trooper or any of his history with it. He does finally remember that he'd had a traumatic battlefield experience and that was the last thing you remembered. He actually was a clone commando. He finds his armor. They wind up going he gets the droids safely to the shuttle so that they can get off planet onto this ship and he gets out. I don't remember how he gets out, but you see him. I believe he actually shows up in rebels when it's Rex Gregor and wolf are on the ship that Asoka sends the crew, the ghost to to find rex ad. So, that said, they get onto this republic cruiser only they find out that the Republic Cruiser is not actually manned by the republic. They find out that the separatists have captured this one and are going to use it as a bomb to blow up a Defense Conference of the Republic where a bunch of other ships are, and so then the D squads mission becomes to make sure that that doesn't happen, and it was a good little episode. ARC really enjoyed it. It got a lot of fun with our two and his friends who, each of them had a specialized skill for this particular mission, and it was it was a lot of good a lot of good fun. The next thing that we got to watch this week Star Wars rises skywalker. The last of the skywalker Saga is finally under our four year old's belt and I have to tell you, guys, it is amazing to me the things that you think are going to impact your kid more than they wind up actually impacting your kid. So, Austin Not Austin. It's always interesting to me the things that you remember from your childhood and the things that your kids remember, at least when you've been watching something with them. So I remember thinking back to the first time that I saw Indiana Jones and the last crusade and the guy drinking from...

...the cup of life, only it wasn't the cup of life and he winds up becoming a decrepit skeleton and disappointe hearing, and that was jarring for me. I think I was maybe five years old when my dad was watching that on vhs and I saw it and I did not attempt to watch Indiana Jones again for least twenty years. I was in my late s when I finally actually saw the entire Indiana Jones trilogy and I now appreciate them as films, but as a kid that thing terrified me and I didn't ever want to see that movie again. And so watching rise of Skywalker, the thing that I thought was interesting was Palpatine is freaky, let's be honest. He's like a decrepit old man attached to like this weird thing and barely alive and the weird eyes and all of that and like my wife offers to hide his eyes, like it's okay, I can tell you what's going on. He's like now, it's okay, it's not scary really. Yeah, he's dead. It's a lot braver of a four year old than I was at a five year old, will put it that way. So he was not at all freaked out by Palpatine, which I thought was interesting. But the thing that I think that going on rises Skywalker is I feel like they were trying to do a course correct after all of the blowback that they got on the last Jedi and the last Jedi honestly, for all of the hatred that it took from people like it was really a very interesting direction and it was really one of the only original narratives that got told during the post return of the Jedi movies. So that was interesting to me because it felt like they were basically trying to undo all of that and basically do a retread of dark horse comics is dark empire series. A lot of the story elements that you get from the last trilogy of the Skywalker Saga Really feels like it was actually taken from it. There's a spot where Luke does a force projection of himself, where he's there but he's not really there. There is the emperor who is moving between clone bodies. There is him saying that he's going to possess the son of Layah. All of that like it's all there, so it's all very fascinating. Like it's a bit of a different framing on it, but it definitely was one of those things where you feel like they borrowed from it and honestly, if I'm dark horse comics, I'm a little bit ticked off because they're copying my homework and then not giving me any credit for it. So it's neither here nor there regardless. You know, it was good to get to go through the whole skywalker Saga with Alton. He does ask a lot of questions for any movie, which my wife says that I do a lot too. I don't feel like I ask as many questions so much as I make general comments that aren't well received because I accidentally wind up doing it over important dialog. That's neither here nor there, regardless. Last but not least, mandalorian season two finale, and the reason that I'm bringing in the listener comments here is because I I really want to be able to kind of address some of the stuff that I heard back from everybody, because this was something I think this is probably the most conversation that I've had with listeners for a single episode coming into it, and so that is one of the things. My friend John over at a Z diy guy, he said it's fascinating to hear my relationship with Star Wars. He said, I'm guessing here, I'm at least fiften years older than you. Star Wars was my childhood. I was seven years old in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven and it was freaking magic and I have so many memories of that time. Just talking about how it must be different from generation to generation, with my father coming home from date night with my mom after seeing it. You must have been in his early S. they'd had star Trek, all the old black and white stuff like Flash Gordon with the horror effects, and star wars changed at all. My friend Garrett from Flynn Decor, which I misspronounced that last week and he was very gracious in forgiving me for that. And Yeah, it's it's Flynn because his last name is Flynn and it's just a unique pronunciation, not pronunciation, it's a unique spelling of it from I think it was old gaelic, I believe, is what he said. So any case, he had a...

...lot of thoughts on it. He really enjoyed the episode because with Luke Coming Back, you got to see his advanced Saber techniques, which really he didn't get the chance to use any advanced saber techniques during the original trilogy, and so that was fun and also for him it was a similar experience with John where it was a lot of what he remembered seeing when he was younger and going to go see the movie in theater leaders all of that. Then you have my friend Donovan, and Donovan, I will provide you this disclaimer because I know Donovan feels like people think that he hates star wars, and I can tell you, I have had enough conversations with Donovan that Donovan Does Not Hate Star Wars. It is something where he's very interested in telling a good story, and I mean if you follow his account at once upon a work bench, you know that he is very much on crafting a good story and all of that, and so he's very interested in storylines and different things like that and being able to tell something unique. And his one phrase that I think kind of sums it up for his thoughts on it is the original trilogy is the black hole that the other projects can't escape, and he gave me a kind of the idea of star wars being that person that peaked in high school and you keep going back to hang out with him and every time you do it goes back to you. Do you remember that time we did that thing that was awesome? Do you remember that one dance that was awesome? Do you remember when we went to that place that was awesome? And you just go back and you're like, there's so much more you could be here. Why do you keep reflecting on that? Going back and watching the football tapes from high school kind of thing. So, with all of that in mind, the the opinions go all over the board on this one and I think it may be, going back to what John was saying, almost a generational thing, and I don't know if it's specifically generational or not, but honestly it was a thing for me where I grew up on Star Wars. I did not see the original movies in theaters. I was not born until the year that return of the Jedi came out, and so I wouldn't have seen it in the years. If I had seen it in theaters, I wouldn't remembered any of it. I understand why Lucas film went to the route of bringing in Luke, because the narrative for Luke has always been that he was going to rebuild the Jedi order. Don't think about that too hard if you think about what Kylo Ren does to the Jedi order. But regardless, like there's the whole narrative there that they keep coming back to and I was not thrilled with the choice of Luke in there. Now, let me be honest with you, the rest of the episode, I was pretty good with it up until towards the end there, because I felt like they left a lot of questions open. What's going to happen with Bout Katan and Mando and, from what I understand now, with the book of Boba Fett coming out next year, that is not season three of the Mandalorian. John Favreau came out on Good Morning America and specifically said Mandalorian season three will be happening. Production is going to start after they finish up with both the book of Boba Fett. So it sounds like Pedro Pascal is getting a one year off to kind of catch his breath sort of thing, and then they'll be coming back to that character. So book a Boba Fett is something completely separate but still tied into it. So what's going to happen with that? We're going to have to wait a while to find out. Moth Gideon, like the thing with him. I want to know what happens with him after this, because he spent the entire season being the smartest guy in the room and like yeah, yeah, you know the way that he reacts when Mandos like taking him in alive. Oh this will be interesting, like yeah, you just realize as you're doing that that he knew what was going to happen. And then he reaches that point when the Jedi is coming and he's like, oh no, I'm not the smartest person in the room and he tries to take his own wife and missus because thank goodness for Kara Doon clocking him in the head.

So I'm sure we'll get to hear more about him later, but I wanted to know what happened there. I wanted to know more about the child's history, about what happened before he went into hiding. Like and I feel like there was an option on the table that nobody really talked about that could have been the one, and that was mace wind do. Let's be honest guys, a fall never killed anybody. On Star Wars, Darth Maul got cut in half and dropped down a shaft, and if he can survive that, I'm pretty sure that Samuel Jackson could have survived a fall with only one arm, gotten back to the temple, Gotten Baby Yoda before Anakin got there. Maybe he's getting him out the door just as the rest of the colne troopers are coming up to take the place. I don't know, but I really think that there was a missed opportunity. One to have Samuel Jackson come in talking about all of these mud skiffing dark troopers on his mud skiffing light cruiser as he's carving his way through them. Then to have him be there and Boba Fett realize the man that killed his father, who had been presumed dead for years, is actually still alive all this time later. Is Bubba Fett still harboring that grudge? Let's find out. Like there were so many reasons why I think that could have been a fantastic choice, and it's not like Samuel Jackson is incapable of working with Disney. We already know that he's going to be involved with a secret horse project for Disney, plus I don't know what that looks like. I'm just excited to see more of Samuel Jackson and the scrolls, because Ben Medelsohn was a fantastic scroll so regardless. So I feel like there were other narrative options that you could have picked. You could have picked calcast us from the video games, tied in another narrative line to the Star Wars Saga. The let's be honest, there were other Jedi out there that survived order sixty six. Just because Luke didn't know of Jedi except for his father and Obiwan like, doesn't mean that there weren't more out there, and I think that's one of those things that gets lost in all this is it's a big galaxy. There are plenty of places to hide. I don't see the empires having been able to successfully purge every single force user that was out there, but they didn't go the route that I was hoping they'd go, so it's either they're neither here nor there. My thing with it was really just I feel like there are other corners of the galaxy away from the skywalkers that we could potentially explore, and Disney seems to be afraid to do that, which I think is why they keep tying it back, which, honestly, the success of season one should have told them that this is something that works. There was not a single really significant call back in that entire season to the original will trilogy or even to any of the other various media properties. It was just here's this guy and we're telling a compelling story and I think we're star wars is at its most success under Disney has been when they've allowed the filmmakers to tell a story without having it be completely beholden to the skywalkers, and I mean rogue one. The majority of that movie had nothing to do with the skywalkers. You Got Darth vader towards the end of it and you got Princess Lea at the very very end. That was it. There wasn't a whole lot of narrative threads tying it back to the original trilogy. MANDALORIAN SEASON ONE, same deal. There wasn't a whole lot there. Then season two, as Donovan points out, it was one call back after another. And don't get me wrong me personally, I am not opposed to the idea of some of the callbacks. I think there are possible narratives to tell there. I think the Asoka series is one that I'm super excited for because we're getting grand admiral thrown potentially finding out what happened as were bridger. There's so many things that they have out there to explore, but it doesn't always have to tie back to Luke Skywalker, and I think that's one of those things that gets lost. Now again, this could be a generational thing because again, I didn't see the rig Chineals in theaters. I saw the special editions in theaters. I saw the prequels and theaters. I saw the other three movies in theaters. At this point I don't think...

...they are ever releasing anything in theaters again, so I think that's all that I'm ever going to see in theaters. But regardless, I think part of its generational because I feel like the people who did see the original trilogy in the theaters when it first came out and who have that back history, I feel like maybe more drawn to having Luke be there, and I get it from a standpoint from him rebuilding to the Jedi or it was just to me it felt like the easy reproach and I feel I again they could have expanded the universe more. Part of the reason that I played star wars galaxies for as long as I did was because I really enjoyed getting to explore narratives outside of what was the films and getting to do that. And yes, there were characters in there that were from the films, but a lot of it was just building your own character and building the community around you and what they were doing, and so that was one of those things that I really appreciate, is being able to fill in the blanks where there's another stuff up there. So we're going to head to our last break here I'm going to talk about our favorite thing from this week. Stay tuned and we are back. Thank you so much for sticking around round for this. So favorite thing this week for me is the I'm going to say this begrudgingly, it is the book aftermath life debt. I've been reading that after swearing I would not read the aftermath trilogy after finishing the first one, because I got excited, I bought it, I read it. It was painful because Chuck Wendig did everything in present tense and that was a jarring reading experience. But after discovering that Cobb Vanth was actually introduced as a character in that I started thinking, well, maybe there's other things that I can find in there that are tied back to the series, and so that is what I am doing, is going through and reading and figuring out what other little nuggets that Disney has gone and hidden in here. I still hate the author's prose style. I still really don't want to read the third book, but only from this fact that it means I have to read more present tense. To be totally honest, the part that I'm enjoying is getting the kind of filler information like how Kashik was liberated and the details that lead up to the battle of Jaku and what's going to happen in the battle of Jaku, is actually going to be coming in the third book. So I'm excited for that. But I still have to deal with chuck WHENDIG's prose, which I hate. So yeah, that is it for this week's episode. If you want to go ahead and reach out again, reach out to us via email at the dead Delorian podcast at gmailcom. You can reach out to us on our instagram at the Dad Dolorian podcast. You can reach out to us our website at the Dad Dorian dotnet. Hope you guys have a merry Christmas and remember parenting is a complicated profession. Take Care of.

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