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009 - "I HATE YOU!"


This week, Andrew discusses the oldest foundling's newfound hatred of everything, Clone Wars season 6, Pixar's Soul, hating the Extended cut of Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, and this week's PodDecks question of the week!

Dad Worry is well tuning in for episode nine of the Dad Larrian podcast. We've been doing this for ten weeks now. Can you believe that? Like, yeah, I took a week off, but you have tuned in for nine episodes of me talking about everything fatherhood and nerddom related, and I really appreciate it, you guys. It's something where I wasn't sure if anybody's going to show up on this and I've got my faithful few that are here for every episode, but I can definitely tell that there are people engaging with topic and enjoying the conversation, and so I just want to say a quick thank you to everybody who has been reaching out and just getting involved in our discussions here. So, starting off this week's episode, I just want to go ahead and say it is a beautiful day right now. Like I've been seeing people around who have been getting snow in areas like Texas, and I'm like, I've got son. You guys, what is going on here? Like this is in California, this shouldn't be happening here, and yet here it is January and we've got son out. So I can't complain too much because it means I'm going to get to use the trigger a little bit more because I don't have any cover over it and so it's a really big pain to use it during the rainy season. But I am all absolutely on board for it. So this week I've got to tell you I've been struggling a little bit with our four year old Alton. You guys all know, because he's here. He has been doing this thing where if he doesn't want to do something, he goes fullblown Anakin Skywalker and like I hate this, like I hate sand, I hate the sand people, I hate you, like I'm part of this. I think is just the whole transitional period when you're a four year old and you just get hyper emotional what things. But he's just been doing that. What he said it about four times in the last week and I'm just like, buddy, you don't hate x y ZY, whatever it is that you are saying that you hate. I know that you don't hate that. What else is going on here? And trying to understand why he feels the need to say that he hates something when he wants to try to get out of doing it. So it's it's weird, like it's not something where I like, if you are my wife or I, we don't spend a lot of time saying, Oh, I hate doing this, oh I hate doing that, oh I hate, I hate, I hate, like it's not something that comes out of us, so it's weird hearing it come out of your four year old. Like it's just not something we normally here. So we've been kind of working on that, just kind of reminding him buddy, no, that's a really strong word and really like you're using it in ways that doesn't make any sense. Trying to understand what's the underlying issue there. Did you ever go through that as a parent, because I'm sure it. I can't be the only one whose kid just randomly gets these super intense emotions about something that it's not necessarily the thing that they're upset about. That is the issue, but they're not also really letting on as to why they keep going back to that. So I don't know that's something. Maybe I'm not the only one out there who's experienced that, but it's been weird the last few days just because it's come up a couple times and we've had to kind of tell him nobody, you can't start just like hating everything. You're not a teenager yet, you're not in high school. This, no, this isn't working. You know, just like I say that jokingly, but it is something like trying to understand where this is coming from and kind of going back with him and talking through it. And you know, if you find out it's not that he necessarily hates what he's talking about, he's just lashing out emotionally and we're trying to figure out what's causing that intense emotion. So that's kind of been our week, just kind of figuring that out. You know, it's it's a fun time in terms of being a...

...parent right now because you're getting your kids more than I think a lot of people do, and you know, like people would joke, Oh, I get all this family time with covid quarantines and whatnot, and I think we're all at the point where it's like yeah, we want playdates again, we want people to be able to be time together again, and you know, we're coming up on a year now, like I still have the calendar in here march thirteen, which was Friday the thirteen, obt we enough, was the last like normal day that we had before everything went into lockdown and we started going through all of this stuff and I think everybody, in one sense or another, wants to get back to normalcy, except maybe the super introverted people who are like I've been training for this my whole life. I am totally fine with nobody ever coming by and seeing me like I'm personally like. You know, I always say I'm an introverted extrovert, which means that I don't break the ice well, but I do not shut up once you know me, and I think for me it's been taxing personally, just because I don't get as much time talking to people facetoface. And you know, people were all like, Oh, well, you can communicate through zoom. Well, yeah, except when Your Day job involves a lot of communicating through zoom and that sort of thing, you kind of get tired of it. Like zoom fatigue? I don't know, but there's got to be a study out there that proves that that's the thing, because I don't want to spend time with people on a zoom call. I want to spend time with people as other human beings in the same room, that sort of thing, and so I know it's one of those things people are probably going to be for the bit greater good. Yeah, I get that. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be taking precautions because of everything going on right now. It's just you have to understand that is not something that's easy for everybody. I think that's part of the reason why it's been such a problem and also I think there's a lot going on just that people aren't making themselves completely aware of. You know, you get so hyper focused on one thing you're not looking at the other things that are going on in the world, and so it's I don't know, guys, it's just one of those things. I am ready for this to all be done and whatever comes from this will find out, but it's just been it's been a long ten months, I think, for a lot of people right now. And you know, I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I just know there are people who've been struggling with it and you know, I absolutely feel for them because I totally feel like I need human like I need humans, I need to be around other human beings, and so not getting as much of that because of all of this has been, I think, hard mentally for a lot of people right now. So that is kind of my thing, like I'm I'm doing okay. It's something I just feel like I spend a lot of time and my house, like there's no delineation between my office and my home now, like my home is my office, you know, and so I when I come to the end of my work day, sometimes I forget to shut down at the end of my work day. For a period where it was really busy for me, I was going back in after we put our kids down to sleep to do more work, and that's something that I don't think I ever would have done. When I go into an office. Personally, it's something where I go in, I've got my time that I show up, I got my time that I weave, I get everything done that I can get done in that period and when I'm get to that end time, I'm out, I'm gone, whatever I need to do. I don't get that, and so it's very difficult for me just to shut down, as it were. So that, I think, is a struggle. Maybe you've been having struggles with this sort of thing too. You'll me know. You know definitely, and if you need to talk, by all means. I you know, like I said, I hate doing people zoom calls at this point because I feel like I'm in that sort of environment in my office already. But if you need to..., let me know, like I'm here, you're here. You got to kind of what some of that out sometimes and I totally get that. So any case, we are going to take our first break here. We are going to come back and talk about what we listened to watched this week and just kind of the things that we enjoyed with that. So stay tuned, we will be right back. And we are back. Thanks again so much for tuning into the dead Delorrian podcast. I don't know how that clap picked up on the Stereo, but I guess we're going to find out when I go back and review this. But hope you're doing well, guys. This week for what we wash so we finally gotten back into a little bit of a rhythm with the clone wars. We watched three episodes at the beginning of season six yesterday, and so that was a definitely interesting storyline because that was the one where one of the clones basically has his chip in his head malfunction and shoots one of the Jedi prematurely without order sixty six being declared and fives goes to try to uncover the truth and it basically winds up with fives dying but passing on directs the information about the chips, and that ultimately winds up being what helps rex later on be able to get the chip out, because he winds up passing that information on to Ahsoka right at or sixty six. Spoiler alert if you haven't seen season seven of the clone wars, that has something to do with how it ends. Any case, it was a really great set up as far as for that and kind of weaving that thread open so that when we came back to it in season seven, like you know how everything kind of tied together. It was definitely interesting seeing the clones also in a different environment, because you find out that there were basically clone bars where the clones would go when they were on coruscent to, you know, blow off some steam. And you think about it, like the cones were really set up in the movies as being very business, very by the book, very you almost like to an extent they were almost like droids with more free thinking, and that was interesting. Like clone wars definitely flushes them out a lot more as you go through it. But one of the things that you don't think about is did these guys ever blow off steam or they always like on work, and so seeing a group of them in a bar commiserating, singing, dancing, getting drunk like it was just a very different thing to see with the clone troopers. So, and it was after that episode, Alton asks the question do we have chips? And my wife looks at him like well, we've got like potato chips or something, and he's like and I looked at her, I'm like no, no, I know what he's asking. Nobody. We don't have chips in our brains like the clones did. He's like why? Because we weren't engineered with them like that. So that was our fun conversation after that little story. Art another thing we got to watch this week. It was actually my wife and I watched it. We watched the movie soul, which I sure everybody has heard about it at this point. It was Pixar's latest release. It's something that I enjoyed the movie, but the ending was a little bit muddled and my wife will say it's a little bit uddled because I fell asleep during it, but even she stayed awake through it and she said that it felt muddled for her as well. So but it basically it's really like beautifully illustrated way. One thing that I noted about it is how realistic Pixar has come to be, particularly in the reflections off of the instruments and the different things that you'd see kind of almost ancillary. You know they're still with the humans in there. There's still an element that tells you that's still a cartoon, but they've made it look so much more real than it ever has before and that's been very interesting to me. But from a story standpoint it was good, but it...

...definitely was one of those things where, like my wife, thought it could have ended differently. I didn't catch all of the ending because I fell asleep, but wait, from what I saw, I enjoyed it. The music on it was fantastic. As far as like, I'm always a sucker for a jazz style of soundtrack and so it was beautifully done. I think Jean Baptiste was the composer who handled all of the jazz in there, and then also the characters in the great before were very interestingly drawn because they were basically to d drawings and how picks are handled, moving them around and whatnot. It was a very interesting way to see it and the voice cast was great all of that. So we did watch that. That was fun. I don't remember if I brought this up last week or if that was this week, but this within the last couple weeks here I sat down and I subjected myself to the three hour Batman versus Superman dawn of justice ultimate cut. Let me back up and tell you I saw or I had my name on the list with the library to get this way way back and didn't get it. Didn't get it, didn't get it. I wound up getting a free trial of HBO before long before we got Hbo Max, because Hbo Max is now included with our data plan at atnt. But it was one of those things where I got done with the theatrical cut on HBO and was like, what the heck did I just watch and like literally the next day the Library said, Oh, the extended cuts available. I'm Mike, I'm not going to waste three hours of my life going through that again. This was terrible. Well, time has passed and with the HBO Max Subscription they do have that cut on there and I'd heard rumors that, oh well, the extended edition actually makes a lot more sense and is a little bit less weird than the original version. So I guess my better judgment, I went ahead and tried it again and you know what, guys, I still hated it. Like yeah, they added more stuff to clarify certain things, but realistically the movie was still awful. And I think there is something about how dc took things where they tried to be anti marvel in that they did not have any fun in their movies. Like you know, marvel is known for having a lot of like lighthearted fun with their characters and whatnot, and I think that is just kind of a reflection of Stanley as a creator involved with those like that was just how he framed them, where they were like we're going to go anti this, and so the first couple ones out of there were super dark and like, I mean I think about Superman snapping Zod's neck at the end of Man of steel and I'm just like part of his code was that he we didn't kill like him crossing that line was a huge deal, and the fact that he crossed that line right right out the gate in the movies really. Yeah, okay, so, like they had a lot of success with the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and that was a little bit darker, a little bit Grittier, but it was still a well done film, and I think what they tried doing was copy pasting that into all of their other films and honestly, it didn't really work. I mean, the ones where I think DC has had the most success was the original wonder woman, which was a period piece, but it was a very well told period piece, like it was kind of, I make it, akin to Captain America, the First Avenger, where you're telling a period story about this character, but there was still an element of fun to it and that was, I think, really what made that a successful film. Then also the other one that I enjoyed of the DC universe. Actually there's two more that I enjoyed of the DC universe, Aquaman, which was one that I wound up buying sight unseen, not really sure whether or not I was going to like it, but I...

...was like, you know, everybody said a lot of good stuff about it and honestly, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed that movie, but there was an element of humor to it, whereas going to Batman versus Superman, dawn of justice and even Justice League do it an extent. Well, Justice League was a totally different horse. Let's come back to justice league in a minute here. But so aquaman very well played. I enjoyed Jason Momoa in the character, as well as Shazam, which she's am. I think was a very what's the word? It was a very controversial movie for all people, because some people loved it, some people hated it. Honestly, I loved it. Part of it is because I enjoy Zachary leave as an actor and part of it was it was kind of lighthearted. Wake you've got a superhero who is a kid trapped in a adult body and like it's such an absurd notion, like it almost sounds like it involves something that should be in marvel comics, but it's in DC and they actually did a fantastic job but portraying it and making that work. So there was a lot more fun to those movies Justice League. Justice League was disjointed and I think that's a wellknown fact because you had Zack Snyder, took off from the film after of personal tragedy and they brought in Joss Whedon, who apparently reshot just about everything in that movie, blew the budget to heck and gone and, from what I understand, did a whole bunch of rewrites on the dialog and so what you had was a fractured version of a DC movie in a marvel movie, all kind of interconnected there and that, let's be honest, that didn't work. I will be interested to see how the Snyder cut of Justice League turns out, but I am not holding high hopes that I'm going to like it any better than I liked Batman versus Superman, because I didn't particularly care for it. I didn't particularly care for man of steel. Like the dark night trilogy. I really enjoyed those because I felt like they did justice to the character and it was a really well done series. Christopher Nolan did fantastic in portraying the character and kind of making everything believable almost. But the overall DC Universe is not I mean it's not what I've grown up around now. Granted, I've got a cousin who's in comic books and when he started out in comic books he was working for Marvel, and so those were my memories as a childhood. I remember him doing a signing after he had done just a short little thing in one of the Spiderman Comics. He currently works for DC and has actually been doing wonder woman and in some other major characters like that for the DC roster, but my memories of him are always marvel and like he did some stuff too, like he actually did some of the artwork on the planet hulk series which, if you look in the credits for the Thor Ragnarok film, there was no credit given to him, and I'm I can't help but wonder if that was because he works for DC. Like you know, you're dead to me, like I don't know what caused that, but honestly, he the first time that I saw hulk dress as a gladiator, I'm like, oh my gosh, my cousin drew that, like it was amazing. I mean that was one of those things, the first time that I ever realized how many hits you got when you looked up his name on Google. That also kind of was a mindballing moment for me, because you know it's somebody you're related to, somebody that you know, but you don't realize how big in their industry. They are until you've earned a google search and you realize how many of the Times they come up. And I'd had just never done that and then I did. It was like, yeah, Aaron is actually pretty well known, isn't he? So? But yeah, it's just somebody that I had thanksgiving with and that was like a totally normal thing as a kid. So yeah, anyway, all right, we're going to take our next break. Finally, we are going to come back.

We're going to do another one of our pod decks interview deck questions. That is something that I'm going to play around with. I didn't get a lot of response this week and that's okay. I don't think I did a very good job of relaying that the new episode was out and so I don't think people necessarily got in there as much as they have in the past. So I'm going to try to do better this week about it. But we're going to take a break. I'm going to come back and ask our pod deck question of the week. Brought to you by pod decks. If you want to check them out, they could be something that could be good for a dinner if you want to do that or if you were a podcaster and want to have some questions to ask your guests that you can do that too. It's pod dexcom and you can check those out. All right, we will be right back. Stay tuned and we are back. Thank you so much for joining us again on the Dad Delorrian podcast. It is so great to have you here. I really appreciate the fact that you have come and you've listened and you've enjoyed listening to me yammering on and talking and just having this conversation with you guys. So, as I said before, we're going to have our pod decks interview question of the week and right here we have who is your favorite hero of fiction? This is a sufficiently nerdy question, I think, because it is one of those things it actually touches back a little bit on the conversation I was having about Justice League and all of that. My Favorite Comic Book Superhero Actually has always been spider man, and I think part of that, as I discussed before, is remembering when my cousin, who is in comic books, actually drew him and it was an early comic book for Him. You know, I can go and I've can find it on marvel and limited right now. It was late S, I think, early S, somewhere in there, and so, but it was just a short little segment of spider man comic and that was all that he had done. But that was like a big deal because, you know, local boy in the thing. He we went to a comic book signing at a shop over in Beaverton, all of that, and it's so yeah, it was fascinating to me, but spider man, as a result, has always been kind of the top of my list, and I mean realistically. It always struck me as kind of a fun superpower to be able to jump from walls and cling to them and like web slinging all of that. That was all things that I thought would be really cool to be able to do now, never mind the fact that I'm afraid of heights. It's kind of like, if he's say, if I had gone into World War Two, I would have wanted to be a paratrooper, despite the fact that jumping out of a perfectly good plane seems like a terrible idea, I also realized that they got the best training, and so that was just one of those things that has always been in my mind. But for spider man, specifically wake. I always enjoyed that. And wait when they put out spider man video games. They haven't put out a recent one, but I remember the first one that came on. I think I had it on pc and it was fun because you could web sling. It was before they figured out how to make you have to do it realistically and in terms of actually swinging off of the building, so it was more the skyhook swinging, but it was still like for me, like Whoa, Hey, look, I can swing around like spider man and jump down on criminals and all of that stuff. And then when they came out with I think it was spider man too, when that film came out and they came out with the game associated with it, and I think there was ultimate spider man later, where they actually required that you use buildings to be able to swing from place to place. That for me was just an absolute mind blowing moment because you know, you actually got the general sense, Hey, I'm actually spider man here. You actually have to know, Oh, look, there's a point here and a point there and I probably need to use this to get there and all that. So but just and the way that spider man is always been perportrayed as kind of the wise cracking you know, he starts out as a teenager. He's a Geek...

...and always made fun of, but then you kind of get to the point where he grows up and he's still the wise cracking spider man, and so you almost have two distinct personalities. You've got nerd boy and you've got his like super cool alter ego, and I think they play that up a lot in the spider man homecoming series with, you know, you've got Flash Thompson and and the comic books they did the same thing where Flash Thompson idolizes spider man and there is constantly pushing around Puny Parker. Like it just it was always a fascinating kind of play on things where you see there's this guy who could literally crush this dude but he doesn't, and just the with great power comes great responsibility. That whole idea to it. So that was my personal favorite fictional hero. So I want to hear from you. Who is your favorite fictional hero? You can hit me up again on Instagram at the Dad Delian podcast. You can hit me up through Gmail at the Dad Delorian podcast at gmailcom. On our website the Dad delorean dotnet. And that is it for this week's episode. Hope you are having a great week. Hope, if you've got some good weather, that you're getting to enjoy it. If you're not getting any good weather, I'm sorry. Enjoy what you've got. As always, parenting is a complicated profession. Stay safe out there. Take care.

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