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014 - Family Time


This week, Andrew talks about getting a break from the kids with other adults for the first time in a LONG time, The Muppet Show on Disney Plus(!!!), and Wandavision, including the catchiest villain reveal... well... basically ever. Also, this week we ask the Poddecks question, if you could be guaranteed one thing in life (besides money) what would it be?

It's going to be a little pumpy. It's time for the dead Dolorian podcast. Well, hello and welcome to episode fourteen of the Dad Do Lorian podcast. I am your host, Andrew, and I am excited to be back for another week of talking all things fatherhood and nerddom. Well, this week it's been a good, good weekend. Obviously, this episode's coming to you a little bit later than normal if you're following us live. Usually we release on Mandalorian Mondays, and this week in particular, I did not make that deadline and you might be asking yourself, why didn't you make that deadline? Well, long story short, I got to spend a little bit of time with some family, and that's one of those things that we have gotten to do a whole lot of since the whole pandemic thing began, and so it was something it was actually supposed to originally happened all the way back at Thanksgiving, where my brother in law and future sister in law we're supposed to come up for Thanksgiving. My father in law wound up getting covid and having to stay in the hospital for a little bit there, and so that was one of those things. Obviously, at that point we weren't going to be doing thanksgiving, and I mean that would it wound up everything worked out in the end. You know, I had stuff for the Turkey because I was planning to make Turkey when we came to Christmas, and so I just pivoted that Turkey prep to Thanksgiving and I worked out great. So, but it was just one of those things, like it's been a while since we've had really any time and I mean I think about the time that I get to spend with my kids, like we spend a lot of time with our kids and we've not really had a good day where it was just Amanda and I and other adults, will just put it that way. And so it was a good thing to kind of get to spend some time with them and kind of just reflect on our time when we were younger and we were getting going to be married. I mean we're obviously we're ten years and, you know, on the road at this point. So you know, we'd spend a little bit since we got married, but we do remember all of those things and so just kind of getting the chance to talk with them, we got to actually go and have coffee with them and, you know, it was a it was a good thing have coffee breakfast. We had to sit outside because we were still in the extreme covid cases in that county. Now that it's all moved this week actually, I think this Friday everything that we would have been at it was going to from the extreme to the high level, which you know, at that point there would be a certain capacity indoor seating and all of that. Bottom line, we had coffee at a nice little spot down in Jacksonville and, you know, just talked and kind of got to know each other. It was it was a good time. It was a very good time. I really enjoyed getting to do that, and not to say that I don't love spending times with my kids, but Mommy and daddy really had not had a whole lot of time without the kids over the last year. So, you know, like it. It used to be a lot more regular that we get day nights, and maybe a part of that's just my feeling, I think, just not doing a good job of like making the time. But at the same time there's not also been a whole lot that we've been able to do during this time outside of the home.

So, you know, even if we could procure childcare, like we'd basically go and sit in a parking lot and need dinner there as opposed to, you know, at home. I don't know. So it's one of those things. I need to be better about it. I think it's something that I think as things start to kind of normalize a little bit, I think we'll probably get a little bit more of that, but for the time being this is how we are. And so, but it was it was a good time, but I didn't wind up getting home until later on Sunday and usually, if I'm going to be recording that way, I try to record on Saturdays. But if I don't make it, Sunday is usually my cut off to make Monday and got into work Monday. Obviously you go on Pto for a few days, you got to get all your catchup done. So I'm just basically walked in on work all day and then wound up getting back to picking the kids up all that stuff, and so I just didn't get the time. Like, like I said, I conked out. I had a good, solid nine hours of sleep the other night. That never happens for me and part of it is just I can't fall asleep for that long. Like, mean it's one of the things I just don't get tired, but I think also my sleep cycle has been a little messed up just in general, and so but, like it was one of those things. I got in our way down on my bed and I did the conkers story time, which has continued on. We finished one story where I had my main character from when I played Star Wars Galaxies in the story with the characters from rebels and then wound up being told he didn't want Nenro to be in the stories anymore and I tried not to take that personally, but you know, it is what it is. So that was that was fun. Got Him cycled out. Now we're just doing rebels and you know, I just got to invent a story in which Savajo press managed to survive getting killed by Count Duku, runs in with the rebels and then winds up getting killed at the hands are chopper. So I just made chopper a stonecold murderer. You're welcome, Dave Felony. I'm sure that that was somewhere in your mind that that had to happen at some point, and I made it happen for my kid. So yeah, that was that was exciting. That was exciting, like I feel like to a certain extent it would be fun to really share these stories and kind of how they all come out, but the same time I don't want to get sued for messing up with Star Wars continuity or anything like that, and I don't think they'd actually do that. I don't think anybody cares enough. But it's just one of those things, like the weirdness that you wind up getting on there. I will say I had a kind of a fun conversation. I wasn't really a fun conversation. It was one of those things where I laughed at it because in the one way it was funny and the other way it was like wow, that cut me to the bone. Kid. But my wife and his having a conversation with Alton and she made something to the effect of well, if you're daddy wasn't here, wouldn't you be sad? And he took this long pause, and it's one of those long pauses like you know in peanuts when Lucy Asks Charlie Brown, don't... think I'm pretty? And then he pauses and she's like you hesitated too long and all of that. Well, it was one of those pauses where, as long as he paused, I'm like, Oh, I don't think I'm gonna like where this answer is coming and he goes no, because I'd still love you, Mommy. I lost it, like I'm busting up laughing but kind of dying a little bit on the inside when I mean, and not really, but it just just one of those things, like he was just like, well, I still have mom so I think I'd be cool. Like yeah, thanks kid. You know, that's you know, everything that your father wants to hear is that you wouldn't actually miss him if he was gone. I'm sure. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure if I was gone my kid would miss me, but it was just one of those things that he said it and like I found the humor in the situation and then it's like, oh, that cut to the bone. Ouch, I raised you better than that, son. What are you doing? So yeah, anyway, that was that was my fun for the evening. We're going to go aheadhead to our first break here. Then we're going to come back talk about what we watched this week and also we're going to hit our pod decks question of the week. So stay tuned and we are back. So what did we watch this week? Well, for us there has been the obvious one division, which I think is something that a lot of you back at home or watching right now and probably really enjoying that. I mean me personally. I am seriously, seriously enjoying it. I want to get to that in a minute, though, because the other thing that I watched this week was kind of a fun little thing that I hadn't gotten to watch before, and that was getting to go back and see the muppet show episode where Luke Skywalker guest starred. And you, guys, let me tell you kind of the story on this. We have the first three seasons of the muppet show on DVD. Like we love the show. Always planned to get the full set and then they just never released the set. Like after season three there was no season for no season five DVD's. The explanation was something about musical rights or something. I don't know exactly what caused them to not release it on DVD, but they just didn't. So imagine my surprise when, earlier in the month they announced that the muppet show would be coming to Disney plus, and not just the muppet show as I had seen it thus far, but all five seasons of it. So I was super soaked about that and this last week was when it finally hit. Well, the first thing that I did was go and see the episode that I had been waiting and waiting on, and that was the episode with Mark Hamil, and it was absolutely worth it because you had the recurring gag where he was running around pretending to be Luke Skywalker, but then he'd occasionally go get his cousin, who was actually himself, and that it was a great episode.

The recurring gag of everybody asking him, WHO's your tailor? I love that outfit, like it was just fantastic. It was everything I could have hoped for and more, miss piggy dressing up as Princess Leia and then threatening him if he didn't go along with it. Like I mean, it was all it was just like that was the chef's kiss. You can't see me gesturing because I don't do video for this, but that is that is how I felt about it. That was a great episode. I think it's probably my favorite muppets episode so far. Now I just need to get through the rest of the seasons that I have never gotten to watch because we didn't have access to the before. So that was the first thing that I wanted to talk about. Then we're coming to one division, and you guys, spoiler alert, spoiler alert, spoiler alert, because, oh my freaking Gosh, if Catherine Hans reveal as egg of the harkness was not the greatest thing ever, I don't know what is like. Seriously, I've had that song stuck in my head for the last week, like ever since seeing that episode. I'm just like finding myself going around. It was Agatha Oh long, and I'm sure I'm totally off key. I don't care. The fact of the matter is I have listened to the soundtrack solely for getting to hear that song again, because they made it so dang catchy. How do they do it? How do they do it? Like the whole like going through the whole score and seeing what's available right now on spotify on their playlist to kind of hear all of the different music? They covered such a broad spectrum of different sounds and scores and everything, but that was just the PS de Resistance, the perfect like it was just the most unexpected way to reveal. Oh, by the way, by Catherine Hahn, who is just this random, annoying side character. Oh No, she's actually the villain, and we don't even know for sure that she's the villain villain or if she's like the sub villain. Like there's so much going on with this episode. First of all, the fact that Monica tries to get back in does not succeed with her heavily armored tank which, by the way, we've not yet gotten a reveal on who the aerospace engineer involved with it was, other than there were a core of people who were loyal to her from sword that were insisting with it. But like, if you were expecting a Franklin Richards and Franklin Richards, I'm sorry, I read Richards drop here. Yeah, you're probably disappointed at home going. Man, I'm hoping for something bigger. Yeah, we were all waiting for John Krasinski to show up. And but before anybody says it, yes, I've already heard the joke about Jimmy, who is actually John Krasinski, because you know, if you watch the office you totally get the joke. If you don't watch the office, just go look up Asian Jim. It was a fantastic bit from the office. It was a prank on Dwight and...

...basically Dwight hate is sitting there and Randall Park comes in and sits in Jim's desk and starts talking like he's Jim and basically completely messing with Dwight, because Jim is actually at a dentist appointment that morning, and so Randall Park is his friend Steve, who is an actor, who they brought in on this prank and is pretending to be Jim and make Dwight think that Jim's been Asian this entire time and he's never somehow noticed this. It was just a fantastic joke. I went and watched it and I just about died laughing because it was so perfectly played. Randall park is a comical genius to begin with, but like it, just it was great. So Anyway, yes, the joke is that Krasinski is already in the mcu, but he's playing agent Wu. So yeah, anyway, that's the fun part there. But what else went on in this episode? Well, okay, so first of all, the theme music very the office feeling like that sort of sense to it. It was great. Enjoyed the theme music. Then, on top of that Monica making it back in and, as a result, having her DNA rewritten. So now she has powers. We're still not a hundred percent clear on what those powers are, but apparently it's enough that she got to stick a superhero landing in Wanda's face, so that was fun. But she also gets to see things on different frequencies. I'm guessing she can see the radio waves, that sort of thing like. I've looked up in the comic books what her powers were and that's a lot of stuff that I don't fully know how to explain other than to say that she does stuff with energy. So that is that regardless. Super excited to see where they take that. Then, on top of that, the first post Credit Stinger. And you guys, I don't think anybody's expecting this. At the very least, when I was talking to my brother in law he was completely cluiss and they had shut it off before the end credits because he didn't expect there was going to be anything there because it wasn't a movie. Well, guess what? They slapped one on here and it was Monica looking into the basement of egg of the harkness, seeing glowy purple root thing he's and then quicksilver coming up and going stoopers go to snoop, and that was like where they cut off, and it's fantastic. By the way, Evan Peters, we didn't get to see any of him in this episode except for that little tiny bit at the end of the episode, but he's playing the part extremely well. I'm very curious to see where they go with that. The other thing that we're kind of wondering on this one is is egg of the hartness really the one behind it? The thing that we find out about the director of sword is that he was actually trying to reactivate ultron when Wand to steal his body, which that in and of itself is an interesting little tidbit. And then it kind of makes you wonder. There's been rumors floating around and the floating around has been mostly on Whit, Tick Tock. I don't know how much faith to put into..., but the rumor has it that James spader is returning to voice a version of altron. I don't know exactly what that means, but do you think that may be the director is actually altron and disguise? I don't know. I think it's a long shot that that's what's going on with it, but at the same time, as crazy as this whole series has been, I wouldn't put anything past them at this point. So bring back Altron Hey, why not? I don't know how he survived that, but apparently he may have, and if he did, I'm here for it because, quite frankly, I feel like James Spader was fantastic in that role and his voice just provided such a great piece to it, and I'm not just saying that because I got to reenact one of his scenes on a tick tock. If you haven't seen it, Dad Larrian podcast, go check it out, trust me, it's it's funny. Or if you actually go see it, then if I try to explain to you what happened in it. So yeah, that was that was a just great all around episode. I am really, really excited to see where they take the last two hours of this or at least I'm hoping it's two hours. It was rumors that the last two episodes are going to be a full hour versus just the thirty to forty minutes we've been getting, and I feel like they've got a lot of loose ends to tie up in here. We still don't know who the guest that Paul Bettany is excited about is, but I'm still sticking to my guns on it being Steven strange because he ties into the multiverse of madness and all of that. But we don't know for sure, and what we don't know, well, we've left a rampantly speculate on the Internet. That's just what we do. So all right, we are going to take our last break here and then we're going to go ahead and do our pod decks question of the week. If you haven't heard of pod decks before, I've been kind of talking about them the last few weeks on the podcast. You could check them out on POD DEXCOM if you're a podcaster and you want to spice up your interview questions to great give them a shuffle, pull one out, ask a random question to your interviewee. It's just it's all around good fun and even if you want to use it outside of a podcasting situation, like he could bust these out at the dinner table and start a conversation with your family. There's many different uses for it. Definitely check them out again. That's pod dexcom and yeah, we will be right back for our podext question of the week. Stay tuned and we are back. Thank you again so much for tuning in, you guys. I really do appreciate it. Last week I announced the Dad Dolorian covert, which is kind of one of those things I am running on buy me a coffeecom. It's our membership program and, like I said, on buy me a coffee, you can make donations to just help out...

...with the expense of running the podcast. It's something that if you want to support the work and you can partner with us through that way. And also I did open up a membership option which will basically get you emails ahead of time to let you know, hey, this is what we're talking about this week, as well as a couple other perks on there and a once monthly there's going to be a dad dolory and covert zoom call. Or I'm not sure if the zoom is exactly what will be using, but whatever it is, there will be just a call where we can get together and video chat, just talk nerd stuff, like just very open round table. Maybe some time down the road I might be able to get some guests on. I don't know, like it's one of those things. I've not pivoted to doing interviews at this point. Somewhere down the road I might like to do that. There's people, I think in the industry that I would really, really enjoy getting to talk to and it's just kind of figuring out if that's how I want to approach in this podcast, because, you know, there are people who you know, I think about voice actors in particular who have made impacts in my child althood or in the childhood of my kids, like I think of how much my kid loves characters voiced by Matthew would, who does are her rog are from the freemaker adventures, and also general grievous, who is apparently my son's favorite character from the Prequel trilogy, and I'm not sure if I should be a little bit worried about that. I'm also not sure if I should be a little bit worried about exactly how getty my youngest son gets any time that I hum the imperial March, like the other night he was having an absolute meltdown in his bed and I went in and was pretending to be clanker and to calm him down. I wound up humming a few bars of the imperial March and he would up and I'm like well, okay, I guess if that gets you to sleep, but then I'm like, is this kid going to like totally Kylo rend me later on in life? Do I need to be concerned about this? I don't know. We'll worry about that bridge when it come to it. Any Gates. So this week the pod decks question of the week is if you could be guaranteed one thing in life besides money, what would it be? You know, that is a fantastic question. I think it's a it's a complex question because you know, money specifically. Yeah, like it would be nice to be guaranteed that, just so that you could know that you don't have to worry about things. But I think in another way, I think being guaranteed success would be a better thing to be in dress it in and I my reasoning on it is obviously, if you're being successful, you might also be making money, like you might not be like. I mean it's possible, I think, to be successful and be broke. I think you know, you think of starving artists. I think their definition of success maybe a little bit different. Than those of a fortune five hundred CEO. I don't know. I think being successful, and I think that's mostly because I think a lot of us are fearful to fail and I think if you didn't have to worry about failing, if you knew whatever you were going to do was going to be successful, then I think you probably would strike out at things a little bit more...

...knowing that you have success at it now. I mean, it's one of those things. You think of the cautionary tale of King Midas, who everything that he touched turned to gold and then, like, he winds up turning everything to gold, including his kids. Least I think it was this kid's. Honestly, it's been so long since I've heard the story of King Midas that I don't remember exactly what it was, but I just remember that something he loved got turned into gold that he should have loved more than the gold, and so like it's a cautionary tale, I think, for greed more than anything, but also like just being too successful. I think could have it strawbacks in that you know, might not spend as much time doing things that you should be doing. But I don't know, I think, honestly, success. I think success would probably be it because it would take a lot of the hesitation out of doing certain things because you're afraid to. That would be my thought process on it. So all right. Well, thank you guys again for your patients with me and getting this episode out. Really appreciate all of the time that you guys spend listening and interacting with us. If you want to reach out to us, you can reach out to us on Instagram at the Dad Dolorian podcast. You can reach out via email, the dad delorian podcast at gmailcom. You can reach out on our website, the Dad Delaurian dotnet. If you want to financially support the PODCAST, you can go to buy me a coffeecom The dad delorean and I'd like to give a shout out to the first member of the DAD DOLORIAN covert my friend Dave Sheryl over at the freckled Lion Workshop. He has been a friend of mine for many years and I really appreciate his support him jumping on board as our first supporter. And, like I will give a shout out to anybody who decides to support us. Like I just value you guys a lot and I'm just excited that you believe in this enough to provide financial support for it. So hope you guys have a great weekend, whatever you're doing. Hope you're in crushing it and remember parenting is a complicated profession. You guys stay safe out there. Take care.

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