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015 - "I like your ship. She's classy."


This week, Andrew discusses building the biggest Lego set he's ever built, and we talk watching The Mandalorian with the kids, and what in the almighty heck is going on with Wandavision. Also, the Pod Decks question of the week gets a "previously on..." segment as Andrew reflects on last week's answer before tackling the new question.

Dad Door. This is hello and welcome to the dad do Lorian podcast. I am your host, Andrew, and I am super excited to have you back for another thrilling episode. This is now episode fifteen of the Dad Dolorian podcast, and this week I want to talk about what I did this weekend that wound up making this week's podcast episode late, because usually I try to carve out some time on Saturday to get my recording done so that I can edit everything by Sunday and be ready to go, and obviously I didn't make that goal this week. And Yeah, well, I think if you follow my instagram you probably have a pretty good idea what took up most of my Saturday, and that was the brand new Lego razorcrest. So, for those of you who haven't heard the story, if you're new here you've never heard this, a couple months back I wound up getting some free crypto. Basically, I signed up for coin base and they have these things where if you take quizzes, they'll give you free crypto currency, and wound up coming out to about forty bucks. Nothing wife changing by any stretch of the imagination, but it's one of those things I personally would not put my own money into crypto because I don't understand it, and I am one of those people who is a strong believer of if you're going to invest in something, you should probably understand how it works. So, like, if I was my own cash out of my pocket, I'm not touching it with a ten foot poll but if you give me free Crypto, which I had, I might mess around with it and see what happens. Well, long story short, that free crypto wound up going all the way up to a hundred and forty dollars roughly, and at that point I had a conversation with my wife. If I'm like, on the one hand, part of me wants to just stay on it and see if it goes any higher, what happens there. On the other hand, I look at the history of, for instance, Bitcoin and how it goes up and then it goes down and then it goes up even higher. And, like you know, the bitcoin in my wallet is like five or six bucks at this point. So like nothing major, and I'm like, is that going to just plummet all of a sudden and I'm going to be left with basically pennies, whereas I could have had, you know, that my hundred dollars for something else, and so wound up making the decision to go ahead and not keep all of it in there. I did wind up taking out basically a hundred dollars profit off of it and keeping what I'd originally started out with in there just to see, you know, what it does at this point, if I lose the forty bucks that I didn't start out putting in in the first place, I'm totally okay with that, like it's just fun money at that point. But I wanted to see what happened. So, but I pulled out the hundred dollars and then did a guilt free I never buy Lego purchases over about maybe fifty bucks, like it's just not something that I am conditioned to do. Like I look at him and I go, oh, that's really cool, but that's also really expensive. And like I'm I'm the free spirit in our household, I'll be totally honest with you on that. But at the same time I'm less of a free spirit than I used to be, like, and so I'm looking at it going, you know, like a hundred dollars for Lego seems like a lot but decided to go ahead and apply that hundred bucks to get myself the razorcrest. Now we let me be clear. This is not Alton's Lego set. This is a Lego Set I bought for me and I have a very small collection of Lego sets. It's basically all three of the MANDALORIAN themed Lego sets. So the trouble on tattooing, as well as the ATST radar from episode four and now the razorcrest. I also have half of a marvel set that I had purchased. That was Detroit Steel, and the only reason that I purchased it was because it came with agent Phil Colson and Lowa, and you know the flying car that everybody knows from agents of shield, like...

...that, to me was another one that I was like that's really cool. And so Alton actually got the Detroit steel half because realistically I didn't care about Detroit steal, but I personally kept Lowa and to Phil Colson's point, you don't touch Lowa like well, what is up on a shelf? I brought it, brought her down a couple times to show Alton and let him see here, but like it's not something that gets played with. It just sits there and looks pretty. So that has been kind of my thing is, like I this is the biggest Lego set that I've ever purchased, and like, I mean I even think back to my childhood. This set is bigger than anything that I had as a kid. And Credit Legos were a lot different when I was a kid. You didn't have as much of the licensed content. It was all completely original stuff and it was after I outgrew Legos, and I say outgrew with air quotes around it, because I don't necessarily think you can out grow legos to a certain extent. There I've been do enough lego conventions to know that there are adults out there who still really enjoy it and, like, I known plenty of people who are really into it. I'm just not the type of person who has a Lego room one. I don't have the space for it and to my wife would probably want to kill me if I had that many legos and I don't need that many Legos. Like there are certain things that I'm like hey, that's cool, I want that one, but like I'm not like I need to own every Lego set known to man. So anyway, I even have my limitations, like, for instance, the Lego Mossicley Cantina. That set is gorgeous. That set has so many, many figures that I would love to get my hands on and I would love to build that. But I am not dropping three hundred and fifty dollars on a Lego set. I cannot justify that expense like and it's not. Wait, it's not like, oh, I couldn't necessarily afford it. It's more of a if we really wanted to, we probably could afford it, but there's other things we'd rather spend our money on, and so that is not the type of expense that I would go and do, particularly like that one in particular. I don't know where I'd put it. Like my lego shelf with the razor crest on it now is the little fuller than it has ever been and I'm going to run out of room in my office to put these. So that has been kind of my thing. So Alton and I started that on Friday. Well, got he got home from actually he didn't get home. I got done with work. That was my motivation to get done with work as quickly as I could because I had stuff I needed to get done and I really wanted to go ahead and crack that open and get started with it. So, Monday or not, Monday Friday night, we wound up going through and putting together the first two bags of it. got that part done and then put it away till the next day. We got up in the morning, got our breakfast, coffee, all that good stuff, and then afterwards we came back home and we did our next bag, or actually it was the next two bags, and we got through bag three. Started on bag for. Austin is taking a nap at this point, which is glorious, because Austin likeakes trying to get into the Legos and likes taking things and destroying them because he's fifteen months old. What else is he going to do to them? So yeah, it was one of those things that I was like, I didn't want to leave the pieces out there for risk of losing them. I wanted to get through the bag, but Alton got about half halfway through it decided he wanted to go do something else. So I carried on with my building of bag for he got done with it. Was Getting Ready to put everything up and go out into the other room where Alton was playing Lego Star Wars on the xbox and then he goes, okay, I want to him build some more. Oh okay. So we sat back down and proceeded to knock out the next two bags. And when I say two bags, it is a quote unquote six bag set. The six bag set is actually not six bags. It was more like nine bags because I think three of the bags in there there were...

...actually two of the same number. So they parsed them out into smaller bags under the same number and that was how it all works. And that's not counting the bags on the inside of the bigger bags like they were, you know, the tiny part bags inside of the bigger bags. And so yeah, bottom line, there were a lot of parts. It's a thousand piece set and I've never put anything together that big. I did not know what amount of time it was going to take, but it wound up taking, you know, my Friday evening and most of my Saturday. We did have a marriage conference that we went to in the morning and then when we came back, that was when Austin went down for his nap and Alton and I went to work. So that was what took up my weekend and then it's just been one thing after another trying to get into actually record. So I am now recording this as you speak and we've got plenty more to talk about than just me building legos. So we are going to take our first break. Also, if you want to join our membership program the DAD Dolorian covert. Again, this is something I'm not out here begging for money it, but it is something that if you want to support this podcast, if it's something that you have enjoyed and you want to be a part of it, we are working on the Dad delorian covert. I've got our first member, Dave Cherryl who. Shout out to him for just taking the weep and wanting to support the podcast. I really do appreciate it. I appreciate everybody who listens, even if you're not a member of the DAD delorian covert. It is something where I don't take it lightly that you take the time to listen to me Yammer on throughout the day and I'm looking forward to some of the things that we are looking to do with that, including the month we zoom call or I don't know if it's necessarily going to be zoom but whatever it's going to be, we're going to do something to kind of get together and talk about the nerdy stuff from the previous month, and so I am working on getting the details settled for that. So we're heading to our first break. If you want to support us, it's on. Buy Me a coffeecom The dad delorian. We will be right back. Stay tuned and we are back. Thank you so much again for joining us on the Dad Dolorian podcast. So next up we are going to talk about what we watch this week and really the big thing for me is going to be one division. But before I get there, I will say that we did go ahead and start watching the Mandalorian with Alton and actually Austin's been watching too, even though, like he's too little to really understand any of it. But it's been a fun experience just because Alton having seen all of the star wars movies, like there's stuff that I don't think is necessarily going to be that hard for him as far as going through and watching it, like it's not as scary as it could be in some parts, like I think about some of the stuff and rebels was actually like, you know, that stuff we widget skipped over because it was okay, yeah, the which is a death of the mirror performing a hex and yeah, no, we're not going to go through that. But what's been interesting watching the Mandalorian with Alton is one he was super excited for it before he even really knew what it was. But he is just enthralled with the character, because I think it's mostly because daddy is enthralled with the character, and so he's been hyping himself up for episode four, which we're not at yet, but he wants to see the ATSD that we built because, like any time he's he's an ATS t. Now he's like dad, it's just like the ATS to you built. So, you know, to actually get to see the one that we built in action is something that I think he is super looking forward to. But the other fun thing that's been coming out of that we're three episodes deep right now, so we watched the first two episodes as well as the third episode and Him Saving Baby Yoda and taking off and the mandalorians. That was you know, that's from season one because we weren't around for season one when I was a doing this podcast, but getting to go back and watch it and just see one. You've got the kind of overarching theme of parenting going through it. You know,... look at it and as a parent, I think a lot of us can relate to the character of the Mandalorian because he does have kind of this single father thing going on and you think about all the times you know, hey, don't get that out of your mouth, that sort of thing, like I was telling Alton the other day to take his hands out of his mouth while we were waiting to get lunch. Things like that, like just different things that you do as a parent that you don't really consciously think about what you're doing, and then you kind of see it in the reflection of the Mandalorian is in terms of, you know, him trying to be a parent and trying to be a good parent. And you know there's the joke made in one of the honest trailers about the mandalorian about it being the really low bar to be the best single dad in the Star Wars Universe, and that's really true, like he doesn't have a very high bar to attain when you think of all of the evil fathers that there are in Star Wars. But it is something where you just kind of feel like you can relate to it. I think that's what really kind of drew me into the first season of the Mandalorian is just that, but also like just other things that you think about, like, for instance, him going to save the Child. Verse is doing what was considered his job, and kind of that point where you realize that your family should be coming before your work. You know you do the work to support your family, don't get me wrong, but at the same time you don't let that become the thing that consumes you. You do have to make time for your family and developing that relationship, and I think for me personally, that's one thing that I always worry about, is am I going to become a work a holic and just never want to spend time with my family? Because, I'll be honest, early on in the pandemic, that kind of was my life, like I, for whatever reason, was not getting anything done unless I was doing it late at night, and like I had some days where it was so busy that I just couldn't escape what I was doing and I wanted to be doing anything other than working, but I had to finish my work, and so that, for me, I think, was really kind of the thing that drew me in on it is just kind of those different themes and how he winds up balancing the work versus the time that he is spending, you know, taking care of the Child. So that bottom line, that's been fun. The other fun thing with it is Austin any time he sees baby Yoda, because he does actually have his baby Yoda. I've told that story before. He saw it in target, wanted it, loves it. The little green guy is amazing and so but anytime he comes up on the screen Austin gets this huge grin and points and is like baby Yoda. Like he doesn't say baby Yoda, he makes a babble that kind of sounds like baby Yoda but it's not quite the word yet, and that's been kind of a big thing for him. Is Anytime he's baby Yoda, doesn't matter what he's doing, it's like Ah, it's the greatest thing ever for him. The other thing that we are watching is wand division and that episode. I'm going to be completely honest with you, guys. I've been reading a lot of people who are like this is the greatest episode, it's so amazing. Oh my gosh, I was not a huge fan of it and let me be totally clear, it was well done for what it was, but to me it kind of reminds me of those episodes of friends where they have everybody sitting around the dinner table conversing and reflecting on stuff that they had done previously and you're going to all of these previous episode moments. Like it was just like it felt very filler, and maybe it's because a lot of what was going on I kind of already put together in my head and so all I was doing was confirming what I'd already kind of assumed. So, like at one point in the series, like there was the stark toaster and the blinking red white and I said, well, that's obviously going to be the bomb that she spent days staring at after their parents died, and so getting to see that moment like really the only thing that I think came out of this that I didn't feel like...

I knew going into the episode, aside from the fact that Agatha apparently was predating a lot of things. She is the youngest looking four hundred year old which I've ever seen. Just going to throw that out there. She's aged well for four hundred years. But the fact that she has used sitcoms as the escape, I think that was the only thing that came out of it that I was like, Oh, okay, that now makes sense, because realistically I couldn't put together what about American sitcoms would be so enthralling to Wanda that she'd feel the need to basically create her perfect realm in a sitcom. And then when you see all of these moments when she's watching them with her family and her family dies and she's sitting there watching this bomb while also the dictate Vandyke show is on in the background, like that when she's in the cell after being experimented on by Hydra and there's the TV on and there's a sitcom. They're like just the different moments. It makes more sense in that regard. But as far as progression of the actual story, I didn't feel like we had a whole lot of that. We've got one episode left. We still have no idea what is going on with Monica and with quicksilver, so there's that left to be explained. You also have the t's that Paul Betany has been saying about working with a actor that he's wanted to work with three years. You guys, spoiler alert, it's going to be himself. We're not getting doctor strange in this. Maybe we are getting doctor strange, I don't know for sure. We'll see how this all pans out, but I don't think that we're getting doctor strange out of this. I don't think Benedict Koberbatch's walking through that door. I think that Paul Bettany is going to be acting with a wellknown actor known as Paul Bettany, and it's because of that end seen reveal where you see white vision and if you're not familiar with white vision from the comic books, basically White Vision is vision without any of the emotional connections. So it's literally just a sentient weapon, which is, you know, what sword has been after all along, has been the sentient weapon. You do find out that Wanda was framed as having taken vision when she did not in fact do that, and so there's still the question of the motivation from the director of Sword, but at the end of the day there's a lot of questions that I feel like we could have gotten some progress out of. But this was all reviewing stuff about Wanda and what brought her to this point, and so I am fascinated to see how it ends, but I'm just a little disappointed with how much of that time we basically lost, not necessarily knowing what else is going on. So we've got things that we've got to cover in the last episode. I don't know how long this last episode is going to be, but that is something that I feel like if it's an hour, it might be able to cover it, but it might be cram too much in there if you're running around like this and trying to get everything in. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, maybe we'll find out something else, but regardless, it was for me and okay episode. A lot of people loved it and I get it. I just felt like revisiting Wanda's trauma and then tying it back to specific moments throughout the series was like, okay, I kind of get it, but I don't know, it just felt like, Hey, here's the season and review almost so we are going to head to our last break here. When we come back it's going to be time for our pod decks. Question of the week. If you're not familiar with pod decks, if you're a podcaster, that is something that you might really enjoy and it's something that'll help with interview questions. There's ideas for episodes and I've really grown to love this particular product. So stay tuned. We will be right back. And we are back. Thank..., guys, again so much for tuning in to the DAD delorian podcast. This week's question of the week. Before I get to that, I am going to go ahead and do a little addendum to my answer last week, just because the more I thought about it, I'm not sure that what I said would be the best one would necessarily be the best one. And it was actually, oddly enough, a trailer for the mighty ducks game changers. That made me kind of think about that more, and that is I'd said success would be something that would be good to have since, you know, not money, but you know, knowing that you're not going to be able to fail. But then I started thinking about that and if we were just genuinely successful all of the time and there were never any sort of setbacks to what we wanted to do, how interesting would our story be? I mean, you think about that. If order the rings was simply Froto. Oh well, the ring needs to be destroyed. Great, let's just toss it into the lava over here. Great, we're done, like there is no adversity, there's no struggle, there's nothing behind it to get them to that point where you feel like it's a rewarding payoff. And the more that I thought about it, and it was triggered by watching the trailer for Mighty Ducks Game Changers, which, if you haven't seen it looks fantastic and I'm like, I did not know I needed a mighty ducks reboot that involved the mom from Gilmore girls and Emelio Estevez back to being his grouse she self from the original movie. Like it's definitely something that I think is going to be a really interesting thing. But the song that they used in that is a song called spirit by Judah and the lion is the name of the band. And the first versus stories without a few letdowns are boring when told. And I started thinking about that and you really if you took all adversity, you know, any thought of potential failure out of life, it would just be boring because you accomplish something surefire every time and there's no question about it. So if you know you're going to succeed, well on the one hand, yeah, I would be nice to be able to succeed at something knowing that you're going to be successful at it, but at the same time, part of what makes it a compelling story is if you have to be challenged on that and if you have to experience challenges to get through to whatever that goal is. So I'm not sure if that's enough to change my answer, but it was something that I started thinking about and just felt like I needed to share. So this week's question is, if you could undo one moment in your life, what would it be? That is one of those questions that, like, I get why people ask it, like you think back about all the stupid things that you've done over the years and like, Oh, I wish I could have that one back. Oh, I wish I could have that one back. Realistically, I don't know that there's a ton of moments like that that I would necessarily take back, because I think part of it is it really formative to who you are as a human being, the experiences that you've had, whether good or bad. Kind of going back to the other thing, you know, without adversity, where do we get appreciation for success? Like we kind of become lack of days, a goal about it and think, oh well, I'm just going to be successful. So who? So that's been kind of my thing on it is. I don't have anything specific that I can think of that would be like wow, I wish I could undo that. I think one thing that I probably would do, at least as a professional person, I think if I had the opportunity to go back when I started college. Thinking back on it, I started out as a journalism major and that was something where I was going to community college. I got sick of the other people in the journalism program like that was just I went in wanting to learn something and they went in with a completely different objective and it was just one of those things where I did not feel that was where I was supposed to be, and so I wound up...

...going out of it. I tried business for a while, didn't really hold to it, wound up dropping out of college, taking time off, going to workforce, and then I did not finish my college degree until after what's he here? Fourteen years, I think, is how long it took between when I graduated high school and when I graduated from college. And I mean, granted, I did have the great experience of my employer paying for the majority of my college. I think at the end of the day I only paid about eight thousand dollars out of pocket for my education, but it was one of those things we're going through and thinking about it. Like you know, I wand up graduating with a management and organizational leadership degree and if I could go back and do it again, I think I probably would have skipped journalism alltogether and I think I would have just gone straight into something more media related. As far as maybe video editing that sort of thing, I don't know, like I feel like there were plenty of opportunities that I could have had if I had gone back and done that. That might have been something that I would enjoy more than what I'm doing, but it's a scary thing to think about one year in your late S, looking at potentially doing something like that. Like I don't know if going back to school to get a media degree would necessarily be useful at this point. Like I don't know, like I enjoy doing some of the video editing and things like that, but is it something that I would do for a career? I don't know if I can answer that question and I think if I had gone through college for that, I probably would have actually been able to answer that question. So yeah, that, I think, is probably the one that I would probably say off the top of my head if I had to think about it. But ultimately I'm happy with where I'm at right now in life, and you know, it's not that I'm necessarily unhappy where I'm at. I just think if I had had the opportunity to experience more than what I had as far as going in there so set on being a journalism major and then deciding note not for me, but then not really having a direction and being aimless in my wandering for a little bit there, I think that's something that I would go back and change if I could. But how much of that contributed to where I am now? I don't know. I really genuinely have no idea. So it's one of those things that you think about, all of the cascading changes that takeways if you change one thing about your life. And there's actually been a story that I've been working on kind of in the background, like I haven't written any meaningful fiction pieces as of as a it's been a while since I've written anything really heavily fictional, but I had a really random idea where what if there is a person who not only could see all of the cascaded changes, if you were to say, what if I had done this differently? Like, on top of that, what if there was somebody who basically had a form of turettes where if you uttered that and they heard you say that, they would be forced to tell you what impact that one decision would have made on your life up until that specific point in time. And so it's kind of a random thing. I don't know how far it's going to go, but it was just a story idea that popped into my head and so I've been kind of working on that in the background. But basically there's IT opens with him having a conversation with somebody at a wedding and she says, I just wonder if, what if I had done this? And like the thing about it is good or bad. He knew what it was and is forced to tell you. I don't know why any of that. That's a question that I'm not really explored in my head at this point. But he basically goes on to tell this woman that she'd basically be managing a Duncan donuts and Pook keepsie New York and thinking about leaving her deadbeat artist husband at that point, like, I mean, it was just like one of those and she just is like Oh, Huh, Huh, okay, like you know, because to anybody who doesn't know him personally, like they don't understand it, this is something he has to do and that he's being completely be serious. So yeah, anyway, that's one of those things that...

...if you think about all of the things that would cascade through in terms of if you change one decision about your life, how much would that impact going through the whole butterfly effect, things like that, like it just it's one of those things that I kind of was thinking about and started this story and I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but that's kind of the thought that's been in my head. So all right. Well, that has been our episode for today. Thanks again so much for joining us. If you want to go ahead and get in on the Dad Dolorian covert again, it's buy me a coffeecom slash the Dad Doloran and there's a membership program there. Or if you just want to do onetime contribution either way, I am okay with it. It's something that I am super excited to have people who are interested in supporting and even if you're not doing it financially, just by listening, I do appreciate you if you could take the time, if you've gotten the chance to really enjoy the podcast up into this point, if you can go on to whatever your podcast platform of choice is and just do a quick review, I would appreciate it because it is one of those things. It helps others find our podcast and kind of become a part of our community, and so I am just really, really thankful if you were able to do that. Thanks again so much for all that you do, guys, and remember parenting is a complicated profession. Stay safe, take care.

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