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019 - A day at the beach...


This week, Andrew recaps a family trip to the beach, talks about the first ever meetingof the Dadalorian Covert, discusses hiw viewings of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, as well as what he's seen from Zack Snyder's Justice League. Also, we ask the question, what positive thing do you think comes out of Covid?

Dad Parenting is a cop and welcome to Episode Nineteen of the Dad Do Lorian podcast. I am your host, Andrew, and we are back for another episode. If you noticed, the music is still off from our usual episode music. Well, we're still experiencing technical difficulties with our previous recording set up, and so we are doing what I am calling the world's Jankiest podcasting set up. Right now, I am currently in my walk in closet, surrounded by the noise cancelation of every piece of clothing in here, and I have managed to Hook my microphone up to the rack in front of me and I am standing here talking to you. So, yeah, I'm I would post pictures of this, but honestly it's a little bit embarrassing, so I'm not even going to go there. But yeah, that is what we are up to this week. Still trying to trouble shoot what's going on with the soundboard? I might need to replace a cable, I'm not a hundred percent sure. So we're still working on that. But any case, got a great episode for you on Episode Nineteen. First thing that I want to talk about this week is actually our first union of the Dad delorian covert and that is, as you might know, our membership program where you get to support the podcast and, in addition to that, you get invites to meet ups sort of things. Right now, they're not in person type of things right now. It was actually this week it was our founding member, Dave and I were to other playing a game of star wars squadrons, and you know what, we were absolutely terrible, like, I'm not gonna lie, like we, I think, lost all of the Games that we played. But you know what, we had a lot of fun. We just did party chats or it was just the two of us. We were talking about life and all of the fun nerd stuff that we've been going through, all of that and yeah, that was that was a really fun experience. I appreciate Dave coming out for that. If you want to be involved in our next one, definitely go ahead. You can go to buy me a coffeecom and we do have our membership program there. It's buy me a coffeecom slash the Dad Delrian and you can find our membership program there. If you don't want to do a long term membership, you can always go ahead and just do a onetime gift either way, whatever you provide does support the podcast and we do appreciate anything that you are able to give to kind of key help keep us running paid in the bills. So we are talking this week. It's spring break. I don't know for everybody else. It was spring break for my wife and it was spring break for our boys, and so we got to spend a little time and, you know, being still middle of our pandemic or whatever is going on right now, didn't do a whole lot. Stayed around the house most of the time. I did get some work done on my brother in law's headboard. That's for their wedding gift, which I need to get finished because I kind of need to get that down to her parents so that they can take it down with them for the wedding. Then we can follow down in our smaller vehicle, because there's no way in heck this thing is going to fit in my journey and we're not taking the truck down. So yeah, that's what we're up to. Yeah, so it was...

...a good week off. Didn't do a whole lot. We did wind up going out on the weekend and actually spending time at the coast with our boys. It was I don't think it was Alton's or no, it was not Alton's first time. It was not Austin's first time, I don't think. I think he may have gone one other time after he was born, but it was the first time where he really got to play out there. And my wife is in the other room. She's might be correcting me. Actually, I don't think she can hear me right now because she's got head phones on because she didn't want to disrupt my recording. So yeah, any case, we're just going to go ahead and say that it was Austin's first time, because I think it may have actually been Austin's first time, but I don't know for sure. Bottom line, we wound up going to the beach and, for those of you who were not familiar with Oregon, Oregon beaches are not like California beaches. It's not really that warm. The water is definitely not worth swimming in. Mostly it's good for crabbing, clam digging, that sort of thing, and flying kites is another great thing, but this time, a year in particular, it is still pretty freaking cold. Not gonna lie. So we wound up going out to Lincoln City and we had a couple things in mind that we wanted to do. One of them was to eat at Mose. While we went to Mose the very first thing, and it turns out that they were experiencing a line. Just not exactly unexpected because they are in fact a popular destination in Lincoln City and on top of that, with them being reduced to fifty percent capacity, they kind of needed fewer people coming through, and that was actually kind of interesting because it was about a twohour wait. But thanks to Covid, which I never thought I would say, I would be thankful for it. But one of the weirdly good things to come out of it is they don't make you just wait in line until you can get a table at most anymore. Now you weave your phone number, they tell you they'll text you, you get a text message that tells you what place you are in line, how long you've been waiting and how long the person who's currently in line was waiting. And so yeah, it was about a two and a half hour wait by the time it was all said and done, but we were fine because at that point we got our spot on line. Wound up going ahead and walking the beach this was our first time at the beach with the boys new wagon, which is something that you know. My wife got this really cool foldable wagon. It's a radio flyre like. It's not like the one that I grew up with. You know, if you were my age or older, you probably remember the Radio Flyer Wagon is being the iconic metal wagon, some of them with the board sides on it. Yeah, this is not that. This thing is fabric and it's lightweight and it folds down. It's got a cover that POPs up. It's got straps on either end for the boys. There's bottle holders on it, like. I mean this thing it's it's nice because it actually does provide the ability to take a wagon with you just about anywhere. Like I don't think I'd be able to fit a regular wagon in our vehicle. I could fit it in the truck, but we don't take the truck most of the places that we go because fuel economy. So that was what...

...we brought along. What we did figure out very quickly was that it is not really designed to be a beach cruiser, which is evidenced by the fact that it was just kind of sinking into the sand. It took the two of US pushing and pulling, which the Nice thing about this particular one is it actually has the option to push from behind, so there is a handlebar on the backside that lets you push, or you can grab the handle in the front and pull it. So my wife and I were tag teaming it and pulling and pushing all at the same time to make sure that they were moving through there. It was a very hard fought walk to get to a spot on the beach and then we get there. Austin wasn't sure about it at first, then he kind of warmed up to it and then started just dumping sand on himself, as this boy is liable to do. Meanwhile, Alton did not want to get out of the wagon and proceeded to just kind of hang out in the wagon and complaining about how cold it was, because it was cold and it was windy, even though it was a beautiful sunny day, like you know, it's the type of day that you normally expect to see on a spring in Oregon, just, you know, Nice but not as warm as California. That's pretty much how it is. So that was a what we wound up doing there. We wound up taking everything back got to the car. The other thing that we did there, I almost forgot this was actually before we went to get in line at Mose, we actually stopped to get my wife and I have a tradition where we actually get a glass float at anniversary, and it's not always a glass float. It started out, the story goes back in two thousand and eleven, on our first anniversary. We you know, we're young kids trying to get out of debt. Weren't going anywhere fancy for anniversary, but we needed to get away and so we wound up going out to the coast at a little bet and breakfast on the Silts Bay that actually you could see most from our room, so that was pretty cool. But we wound up going out and staying there and then we picked up to commemorate our anniversary a glass orb or in this specific case, one of the floats that they have, and for those of you who aren't familiar with Lincoln City, they actually have a tradition that they do every year. They're not doing it currently because of covid but the finders keepers were the glass artists in Lincoln City, go and they make glass floats and they get hidden out on the beach and if you find one you get to keep it, you get to register it, all of that fun stuff. Well, we wound up going most years to the coast to find one. We've had a couple exceptions on that. We've gotten two things from Disneyland. When we were at Disneyland One year we got a mickey mouse ornament that was bulb like. You know, it was an orb but it had two orbs for the ears. So you know, it kind of fit the bill. And then we also got a little crystal Nikki inside of a little ball or ornament. So we've got those two from Disneyland. And then one year we were back in Minnesota for my wife's grandmother's funeral and while we were there we wound up picking up a Minnesota themed Christmas ornament that was available there.

I think it was hand painted if I remember correctly. It might just be chatchkey. I don't know for sure. I'd have to go back in a look, but either case it was just a beautiful little ornament that kind of commemorated the fact that we were there for anniversary and so that was that was that. But this year, because of Covid we didn't wind up going out to get ourselves one of those ornaments because we didn't know what it was going to be open all that stuff. You know, everything was in a lockdown, so you just don't roll out to the coast for everything to be closed. Basically, is what it boils down to. So we wound up going and getting our glass float this year. And this year it was very interesting because we, I told my wife ahead of time I wanted to kind of if we could splurge on one, if there was one that she really really liked. It was a little bit more than we normally spend, because usually we spend in the thirty five to fifty dollar range for those floats. But they if you know anything about these folds, they can run pretty expensive. You know, anywhere from, you know, depending on the size, hundred her hundred too, maybe even two hundred doll and. So it was one of those things. I told her, I said, if you find one that you really like, I don't want to have it be a situation where it's like we just don't do it, like this is our tenth anniversary or we want to make sure that it's special. And we wound up looking through grew and there's a glass studio down there near Silett's Bay where there's the studio on one side. You can go you can blow your own glass. They've got a gallery there where you can buy stuff, and then across the way is another gallery called Volta, which is connected to the two of them. They're they share manager. But it was one of those things where it's just two different locations that offer basically the same stuff, except one doesn't have the glass blowing studio attached. So we want over to Volta and the lady there was super kind, like she was on our lunch break, but she's like, you know, I can sucker for people with kids. Come on in, and so we went around and we looked and we happen to go back into kind of their sale room, and in their sale room they have a bunch of stuff that you know, maybe they're trying to clearance it out and they've gotten marked downs all that. We found this really unique one. It kind of looks like a Pumpkin. If you follow me on Instagram, I believe I have posted it. If I haven't posted it yet, I will definitely go and repost it. But basically the photo of her. If you look at it, it kind of looks like a Pumpkin, is basically what I kind of think of when I look at it, you know, and it's very ornate. It definitely isn't perfect. There's some spots on it where you look getting you go, okay, it's a little bit imperfect, but honestly, this is a piece of art. I don't feel like it has to be perfect and I think pursuing perfection in art like maybe a noble goal, but at the same time like the imperfections are sometimes what makes it so. But the other thing that was interesting about this one is it actually looks like it may have been one of the finders keeper's ones, because when you flip it over and look at it, it's actually got a stamp on it from two thousand and twelve and looking online I found similar finders keepers ones where they'd had that stamp on the bottom with the date and where I was from, and so I thought that was very interesting. Well, it wasn't my mark. For the price, we decided we liked that one, we thought,...

...better than some of the other ones, like there was a couple others that, you know, if it was in the similar price range we probably would have picked. But we go to the lading we're like, well, this one doesn't have a price. You have to know. She's like we'll have to check with the manager. Said I know that these normally run at this size at about two hundred and twenty five. She said, because it's in this area, I'm guessing it's probably about a hundred, but she said, I mean to check with my manager. So she texts the manager, sends the pictures and kind of goes back and forth figuring out this is the size, this sort of thing, all that stuff, and so I'm in the back of my mind thinking, okay, this is probably gonna be out a hundred bucks, which you know, that's the top if it's one of those things like we were going to have a discussion one way or the other. Is it going to be something where we get this one or did we like one of the other ones better at that price point? Well, she comes back and she's like, I'm pretty sure the managers making an error, but I'm not even going to question it because you were getting a smoking deal. She said thirty five dollars and I'm like, did you mean one hundred and thirty five. She said, no, thirty five. Might I know good and well what this thing is worth, and I poked my head out, told my wife and she's like, Yep, we'll take it. So we took it and it's it's significantly bigger than our others. But you know, the thing about it is really I mean it's the tenth n of First Reyf so of course we kind of wanted to have one that stands out, and so that has been kind of our thing, was just doing that every year, and so that was the you know, it's about five months late, but we did finally wanted up getting our glass float for this year, so that's that's exciting. So now we've got ten of them. I should probably take pictures of these and postums that you guys can see them, because they're really very cool, kind of everything that we've got for them, and honestly, I probably need a catalog which ones are from which year, because it's something that I've probably been in one of a bit lacks and doing so regardless, that was what we were up to this weekend. We had some fun with that. Wound up going and going over to the outlet malls for a little bit decided that I did not want to wait in line for Nike, as bad as the line was. I've only made the trips out to the outlet malls on Saturdays and the lines have been absurd as of late. I think I need to make a jaunt over on a weekday and maybe then I can find something that's not terrible. So I need to get a new pair of shoes, but at the same time I'm not really wearing shoes all that often because I'm at home all the time. So it's one of those give or take, like I can wait it out sort of thing. So, yeah, that was what we were up to over the weekend. So, yeah, hope you guys had a great spring break. If you had spring break, or if you've got spring break coming up, definitely I hope you're going to have something planned just to kind of have some fun and make some memories. That was kind of our thing, was just getting to make the memories with our boys. So I'm going to head to our first break right now and then we will come back and we will discuss what we've been watching this week. Stay tuned, and we are back. Thank you again so much for tuning into episode nineteen of the Dead Dolriian podcast. We want to hear from you anytime you've got something you want to discuss, whether it be anything nerd related, anything like what's on streaming, that sort of thing.

I definitely want to be able to hear from you. You can reach out to me at the dad do Lorian podcast at gmailcom if you want to do it via email. If you want to reach out to us on Instagram, that's been the most popular way by far. It's the dad do Lorian podcast. So that is kind of the two main ways you can reach us. There's other ways you can reach us. You can reach out to our website, the Dad Laurian dotnet. There's a contact form on there if you want to do that. Otherwise, those are really the main ways that people have been reaching out and discussing things with me. So this week, what we've been watching? Well, I think I would have to be remiss if I did not mention Falcon in the winter soldier, which, guys, I'm doing my best to really judge this as a whole as opposed to individual episodes. From the first two episodes, I can tell you I am not as excited about it as I thought I would be, just because it feels the pacing is a little bit slow. Like you get the really great set piece action in both episodes. FIRST WITH FALCON GOING AGAINST BOT truck, the leaper, which, by the way, seeing him in the movie at the beginning really made me think back to Captain America in the winter soldier in that fantastic fight. So kind of seeing Sam Stack up against him that was a lot of fun and just doing basically what cap did, but doing it jumping out of a freaking airplane was pretty awesome. But then this week's episode was when they got to face off against the flag smashers and finding the girl that they thought was the hostage, which, spoiler alert, was actually the leader of the flag smashers, and I kind of feel like they are kind of being set up as the fake out villains, like it's one of those things where they're evil but in a noble cause kind of way. And you've got the power broker was mentioned in this episode, which it sounds like they may have stolen the super soldier serum from him and are now talking through how to go about doing that. Yeah, well, anyway, that'll be interesting to see how that I'll plays out because, for those of you who aren't familiar the character of you as agent, Aka the new cap, which is about as loved as new coke right now, the character does not have super soldier powers. He is fresh, homegrown, whatever type of boy he is. I don't know if he's from Iowa or whatever, but regardless, like his whole thing is he's currently not powered and so he gets into these fights trying to be the guy, only he's not got the advantages of CAP, and so that is, I think, something where I think by the end of the season he's probably going to be going just a little bit on the crazy side. Maybe it's just me, but I mean the guy feels disrespected by CAP's former colleagues who gratefully feel disrespected by him. Like the whole thing is going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I think bucky kind of feeling a certain amount of anger at Sam for turning over the shield... the first place and then kind of feeling like that ties back to his assessment, like if cap was wrong about you, what what does that mean? He was about me, kind of thing, and so kind of seeing bucky deal with his traumas and all of that has been very interesting. It's also very interesting to find out that there was a Korean more captain America who was black and who had previously fought Bucky, but bucky never actually mentioned that to Steve and I thought that was very interesting. I think it's very integral to the plot in terms of, you know, they're introducing other characters because, as I understand it, I think his grandson was going to wind up being Patriot, at least he is in the comics, and so they introduced him. They didn't really name him, but it's one of those things when you start getting into the young avengers, which they're really trying to set up here, you know quite a different ways, because you've got keep bishop showing up in Hawkeye. You've got Kamala Khan as Miss Marvel like. You've got a bunch of different things going on that I think marvel is kind of setting up for their long game to get the young avengers together. You've got the Maxim of kids. Those were both young avengers. It'll be very interesting to see how it all winds up playing out. But regardless the that was a very interesting pot point because it also touches back on the history of the US army and different things where they did actually do some pretty heinous stuff at different times and you know, you don't think about it necessarily now because it's something that's not necessarily as clearly defined now in history books. We kind of rush it under the rug, but it there were some experiments that they did over time that they really shouldn't have been doing. And you know, I get in this case it's a fictional instance, but it's still is kind of the idea behind it. So it was a very interesting kind of emotional piece to it and I think it will be interesting to see kind of how everything evolves over the course of this season. But again, it is one of those things where I kind of feel like we should have already been with Bucky and Sam together by the end of the first episode and by the end of the second episode Zemo should have already been in play instead of just getting that quick glance of him sitting in his cellf so, like I said, I'm doing my best in this case to try and really really give them some grace and go okay, I know that this is going to build up from where we currently are. It's going to be a little bit. I'm just taken a deep breath, kind of letting it go and will kind of assess everything when we get to the end of it. Overall, I mean I don't dislike the show, it's just it's not been the kind of pacing that I enjoy. I kind of feel like it could be a little bit faster paced and it kind of feels a little more drawn out. So the other big thing that we watched this weekend was actually the mighty ducks game changers, which that, I will say, that hit all the right nostalgic notes. I think it is something where you take a series like the mighty ducks and you look at those movies and I mean they were corny sports films, but they were a lot of fun and they had a lot of heart, you know, that sort of thing, and I think they really the mighty ducks are one...

...of the view movies that's ever launched a sports franchise, because now we have the ANI mighty ducks, and so kind of just getting into that and really kind of seeing that kind of evolution, because at this point the ducks who were at the last that we saw them, you know, they started out as the kind of lovable losers, and then they started winning games and then they go onto the junior world games and then they wind up going off to some PREPPI school. All of that, like it was a very interesting kind of storyline and it you know, you and that storyline with Gorton Bombay heading off to kind of be the man somewhere else, like it's I believe, if I remember correctly, he was going to be a coach, and so that was kind of the thing. There was just him. That's where you left him. And so now you get back into the original kind of location, so to speak, except now you find out the ducks have gone on to be kind of the state powerhouses. So they're now what the hawks were back in the S, like they were the undefeated state champions. Everybody wanted to play for them. And you've got one of the kids playing there that winds up getting cut and his mom is the wonderful, Wonderful Lauren Graham, who, if you had ever told me I needed the Gilmour girls mom in a hockey movie, movie or a hockey show like, I probably would have laughed at you. But honestly, I think she's doing a great job with it as kind of that overbearing helicopter mom who's trying to do everything and she's a single parent. You know, her son doesn't have this a father figure, and winds up they decide to start their own team. They need to get a team together, and so the first episode is really about them assembling the team and getting ready for actually playing hockey, and it was very interesting because then you find Gordon Bombay in this rundown, ramshackle ice arena and you find out that he's basically living in his office. He's eating stale cake, which there's a whole funny story about. Apparently Amelio Estevez decided to try to be healthier for this so he asked if they could make it as corn bread, and cornbread apparently does not work the same as cake when you're trying to deliver lines. So yeah, that was apparently kind of a fun thing. But Anyway, they wind up going and working out a deal where he's going to rent them the ice arena because she's found money that the city is allowing for that kind of use. And so they get the team together and it's going to be her coaching, which I think there's going to be a lot of assistants coming from him over the course this. I think he's going to eventually warm up, but he's in a different place than we left him, because he left as the hockey coach of a college and then winds up, you know, owning this ice arena, which I think he inherited from Hans and he's living there like this is his life now. He doesn't like hockey, he doesn't like kids and like it's Weird, is Huh? Is what he cud says on that is like yeah, no, this is bizarre,...

...but here I am and he's jaded. He's definitely jaded. Is something hurt him over the years and it'll be very interesting to see where that all plays out. I did hear that in an upcoming episode you're going to get quite a few of the alums from the ducks and there's going to be an experience where they're going to this gala and they invite him and it winds up being awkward, but it also, I think, helps him remember what it was that he was doing in the first place. So it'll be very interesting to see how this all plans out. Like it's I think it's ten episodes. Is the number of episodes that they've picked up for this. So it'll be very interesting to kind of see how it all plays out. I am excited for it because it does kind of hit those nostalgic notes. The question is, how are they going to twist it like? It can't just be we're going to recreate the mighty ducks, because obviously the mighty duckster still doing okay at this point. So the experience of this group is going to be completely different and I think that's going to be kind of what makes it interesting is just kind of seeing how they go and take this franchise and bring it back as a series as opposed to in another movie. So that was the other thing. One other thing I meant to mention this last week and then I didn't wind up getting to it, was watching the Snyder cut of Justice League, and I will tell you, guys, I've been watching it in segments and I'm only about halfway through it and that is just because I've not really had the time to sit down and watch it and it's one of those things that my wife has no interest in it, so I'm not going to sit down and watch it with her and I just don't sit down by myself and watch stuff a whole lot. Usually it'll be something where I will keep it running in the background while I'm trying to get some work done, things like that, and so I get a little snippet here, a little step it there. It definitely shows a lot more character development. I think that was one of the things that Dave and I were talking about during the dead Lauren covert meeting this month, is that you get a lot more character development, particularly with cyborg and the flash. The flash actually gets a scene where he gets to save I can I think your name all of a sudden, Iris West. Goodness Gracious, I was thinking and I can only think of the actress that plays her on the flash and not the character's name. So any case, so Iris West. He basically gets to save her from getting crushed by a guard bridge truck, and so that was kind of a fun little scene just to see that and then also getting to go back and see things like cyborgs kind of before he had his accident and after he had his accident and kind of getting a little bit more of his motivation there and what's happened with him. It's very interesting to me to, like I don't remember if this scene was in there in the original or not, but there was a sequence where it's talking about the flashback and when dark side came the first time and they had to fight him and all of that, and there was a green lantern, although it wasn't any recognizable green lantern, but you did get... see a green lantern briefly, and so it was very interesting to see that, but it was definitely not as big of a deal as I was expecting seeing a green lantern in the movie would have been. And again, this may have been in the original movie. It's been so long since I've seen the original movie that I honestly don't remember, but it was very interesting to see a green lantern of any sort in there, even if it wasn't Ryan Reynolds, because well, that would have been to be Super Awkward, since that movie was not great and I don't think it was really tied to this universe. But that was that was definitely an interesting little thing there. I think it'll be interesting to finish. I'm not so far liking it much better than I liked the first one, other than you do get a little more character development, but I think this is going to be one of those moments where I get done with it and be like that's four hours of my life I'm never getting back, and that was kind of how I felt about Batman versus Superman, to like I got through that one and I'm like I'm never getting that time back, am I? And I went back and actually watch Batman versus Superman, the extended cut for that eventually and it made things to make a little more sense, but it was still like that is a long movie, and so getting four hours, like I'm two hours deep. We'll see how I finish, but that is been kind of my interesting thing, is just doing that. Outside of streaming stuff, I've been playing fortnight a little bit more and like it's one of those things. I really started out because I really wanted the mandalorian skin and so the obvious reasons for that, and I did manage to unlock everything, and it was a grind, like, let me tell you right now, like I should have started probably at the beginning of the battle pass and taken the full ninety days to do that. I had about thirty days, and so my wife can attest, I spent a lot of late nights up playing and trying to get everything through, and I did it. I got through all one hundred levels needed to unlock the entire best car armor. But who I don't think I've grinded anything that hard since my days back in playing star wars galaxies. That was a long, long thing. So I'm still playing it that a little bit, even though that I've got the mandalorian armor now and I did go ahead and do the battle pass for this pack round and am just kind of having some fun with it. It's been interesting because the game changed a bit from the previous iteration. I understand from people who've been doing this longer that it's probably you've been like that for a while, whether it change things up a little bit here a little bit there. But this interesting kind of change is adding wild animals to the mix and apparently you can tame the wild animals. I haven't actually gotten to the point where I've tamed any of them yet, but that is one thing that is definitely new and exciting and it was very different for me kind of getting in there and also adding bows. Honestly, it's one of those things where I didn't think that adding bows would make that big of a difference but I've been honestly gotten really good with the bow to the point where I'm almost exclusively running around with the bow, if I have one, and upgrading those getting them the explosives or getting them the fire arrows.

Like it's been a lot of fun. I had a situation where I was watching a couple of guys battling it out and they were doing it on a wooden structure and I basically planted a fire Arrow at the base of their structure, so they wound up both falling to their doom because they've gotten it up pretty high. And Yeah, so that was that was a lot of fun. But, you know, just getting to do the crafting. That's also been very different from my previous experiences with it, but it's it's a lot of fun. I'm I will tell you, I'm getting really good at taking people out who aren't looking for me when I'm at a distance with the arrows. I think my longest kill so far is over a hundred and fifty yards. I somehow managed to snag Aheadshot at that distance. I don't know how. It was just one of those I fired the Arrow and it just happened to be an exactly the right leading position where he ran right into where I needed him. So yeah, that's been that's been kind of my fun as of late. It's been kind of getting through in that and, you know, unlocking some of the character skins, like this particular round. The Big One is actually all our acrost from the Tomb Raider series, and so I've got a couple versions of her skin unlocked so far, as well as all of the accessories for but then there's a you know, the other random characters that they throw on there that aren't necessarily like normal characters like you would expect, like master chief, for as some people would say, the guy from fortnight, which isn't actually right. That was a tick Tock meme for those of you who were aware, but they're somebody who sees that in Halo and is like it's the guy from fortnight and then everybody's like, I'm throwing hands with a child, and yeah, it was. It was definitely a strange little meme but regardless. Yeah, so it's been interesting with that. I really really seriously considered picking up the captain America skin when it was available. I did not. I really wanted it, but I just didn't want to justify spending the money for it. So yeah, but I am currently saving up pretty much all of the v Bucks that I earn on this battle pass and putting them away for if I decide that there's something else that I want later, just because I don't like I'm not one of those people I have to own every single outfit for every single character, like and it's that's just not me, particularly with this. Like I understand there are people who've gotten into a ridiculous amount of payments of this and I'm not going to do that. But it was very interesting to get in there and get to do Mando and now kind of having a little more time to work on that battle pass, as opposed to like, let me cram through all of this as quickly as human we possible. Like I'm already up to level twenty five and I haven't really been playing that much, so it's been kind of a fun thing for me. So all right, we're going to head to our last break and then we're going to come back. This week. We're not going to use a pod deck question in the week, but we are going to have a question of the week, so stay tuned. Will be right back and we're back. Thank you again so much for tuning in. This week I'm doing things a little bit different. I've still got my pod decks and I still plan to use that in future, but this week in particular, I had something come up that I think was really thought provoking, so I decided... go ahead and run with it as a blot of you know, we've been in this little global pandemic thing for just over a year now and you know, it's been a lot of stuff that we've not been able to do, not been able to spend time with our families, things like that, and I just want to know from you what is one positive thing that you can see coming out of everything that's happened with covid this year? I can think of two things right off the top of my head. The one of them I already mentioned, and that was the weight time at most, just because, yes, it's a ridiculous weight time, but also I don't foresee them getting rid of the ability to text somebody to let the know their tables ready, and so I think in future that Mo will probably be something that still works for them and they'll probably continue to use that, and that just means that I'm not going to have to sit around half the time waiting for somebody to open up a table at most. I'm pretty excited about that prospect, to be totally honest with you. The other thing that I think is going to come out of this is I think we are going to start to really value the facetoface relationships that we get with people, because some of the people that we know we haven't seen in over a year and that's just been how it is because, you know, you know, some people have legitimate concerns things like that. Other people just aren't wanting to leave the house right now, and so it's just something where really, I think there's a lot of good that's going to comfort. I think we're going to really value those friendships that we have and getting the spend time facetoface with friends once we're all out of this. So that, I think, is my thing. What do you think is going to be the kind of big thing with that? I want to hear from you. Definitely reach out to me. You can reach out to me via the DM's over at Instagram at the Dad Oran podcast. Can reach out to me the email at the Dad Larian podcast at gmailcom. And Yeah, that is it for this week. Thank you again for tuning in. We will see you next week and remember, parenting is a complicated profession. Stay safe out there, my friends. Take care.

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