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032 - Benihana Tupperware


In this special bonus episode, we discuss eating without children in who knows how long, plus a very Marvel-centric discussion of Black Widow (Seen in a DRIVE IN, Hallelujah!) and THAT Loki Finale! I mean... COME ON!

Well, hello and welcome to episode Thirty Two of the Dad Dolorrian podcast. This is our special black widow and wokey episode. Couple reasons why black widow and woke are making the same episode. One, I completely forgot to cover the fact that we went and saw black widow during the last episode. But too there was also the fact that there was so much to cover and I'm just like super stoked about it now, particularly having gotten to see the finale of Lokey and oh my gosh, I can't wait to get to that part of the show. But right now let's go into my initial story. So, as I may have mentioned earlier in our last episode that we passed the boys off on Nana and pappy for a week, and that is absolute bliss like. It's one of those arrangements that we have where every year it's been Alton previously. This year it got to be Austin for the first time as well. But my inwazz will come up, they'll take the boys. They'll basically go down to Medford for a week and the boys will get to hang out with Nan and pappy and then we'll pick him up in the middle of her in the middle of the week. At the end of the week we'll meet halfway in Eugene pick the boys up and yeah, they have that going on for them and it was a good thing for us too, because Amanda and I we kind of get a break at that point and we love our boys, don't get US wrong, but they are both very high energy and very strong willed and and can be a bit of a handful and every once in a while it kind of just need that respect to be like, okay, you know what, they need to have some time away from us, we need to have some time away from them. Will Get some time away here and you know it, they have fun, we have fun and kind of remember what it's like not having children for just a week. You know, it's a good arrangement. We like it. But uh, this week we did not eat at home, I think, at all the entire week. I think we were at a different restaurant every night and it was a great time because we got to spend some time with some friends introducing them to new experiences. We had friends we went to didn't Tai Fung with on one night who hadn't been a didn'tai fun before, and then we had friends who we started on. Didn't I fun previously that we took to Dur Salam, which is a Moroccan food place down in Wilsonville. So, you know, got to introduce some friends to some new foods and that was fun. But I think probably the most interesting experience in terms of dining had to have been Amanda and I going to Benny Hanna for the first time, and we had made an attempt. It's one of those things. It had been on my whist that I wanted to try it for quite some time, but the last time that we made the valiant attempt to go, we decided to just try to go up unannounced, without a reservation. This is pretty pandemic, mind you, but just figured we'd go in and see if we could get a table. And while it turns out you don't just do that at Benny Hanna and expect to get a table like it was pretty siply a we can wait. Well, this time I arned from my lesson last time around and went ahead and made a reservation for the two of us. And for those of you who have never been to Beny Hanna before and her like, what is that? So basically it's Habachi you like they have somebody, they cook their dinner, the dinner in front of you, like it's a very entertaining, very interesting experience. But you basically are at this table with up to six other people or seven other people, like it's an eight person table. Is Basically what it is. And so it was my wife and I and then there was a family of for to my wife's left, and then to my right there were two older ladies who were there that. We're just a couple friends out having dinner. I think it was somebody's birthday, something like that. Whatever it was. And so you go in there and you pick what it is that you want and then the Habashi chef comes out there after you've gotten your first couple courses. So like you get a soup course with an onion soup that was actually really good, and then a salad. I wasn't big on the salad personally, and so I didn't really eat it, but... was, you know, it's a salad, what it is, what it is. You're not there for the salad, you're there for the entertainment and for the food. And so then our Abauche chef comes out and the first thing that I think of, like you know, there's always that picture you have in your mind of this precision and everything, and, don't get me wrong, they absolutely do that. And wait, they're doing stuff we with their knives that I'm sitting here going if I were to try that at home, might be missing at least three fingers. And it was funny to me, though, because when we first started out, the guy shows up and the first thing that he does is drop his fork and it was just one of those things that I was like, that was unexpected, like you don't expect them to drop fork. And so really the hiposh she chef is still a human being too, and that was a kind of a nice reminder of that. But the rest of it, everything that he did seemed very inhuman as far as what he was able to do with the knives and all of that. Like he starts out with making the fried rice, which I specifically ordered because they said that the fried rice was one of their signature dishes, and I'm like, I want the fried rice, I'm trying the fried rice, and like that whole process. He takes the onions, cuts them up, takes some squash, cuts them up, puts them on the grill and then he makes the onion volcano. The Union volcano was set right in front of me and, for those of you who are gout familiar, basically takes the pieces of an onion, layers them into making this cone kind of thing. Then poor sake in it and then, as if that wasn't enough, lights it on fire and it makes this giant plume of flame. I may have lost an eyebrow. I'm not a hundred percent sure. I haven't looked in a mirror in the entire week since this transpired, but it was definitely one of those things is like Whoa, okay, there's fire here on the table. And he mean he he's doing things like he cracks an egg with his spatula and then is drizzling it with from the cracked egg shell down his spatula onto the grill and like, I mean, it was just amazing seeing everything he does, watching how he makes the fried rice. At one point he takes a scoop of something, he says Benny Hanna, ice cream, and drops it in the middle and I'm sitting here going did he really just drop ice cream? What kind of ice cream do you put into fried rice? Why would you put fried rice and ice cream together, because that just doesn't seem to make sense to me. Also, why would you be using ice cream if you're just going to melt it? And then finally, he waiter acknowledged that it was actually garlic butter, which I was like, oh, that makes a whole lot more sense and that was amazing, by the way. But he melts the butter in with the rice and the like rice. He does it for the whole table at the same time. So this is like this massive mound of rice that he is adding in the eggs, adding in the veggies, adding in all of that stuff and then mixing together. And my Gosh, it was by far, I think, the best fried rice I have had, with maybe the exception of the kitchen in Maui. There Ho they did a Katsu Moco that I had when I was there years ago and it came with their spam fried rice, which sounds terrifying when you think about it, but all my gosh, like, I don't think they used real span, I think they used the really good like Portuguese sausage, but regardless, whatever it was, it was amazing and that was the best fried rice I've ever had. But this was barn on, the second best fried rice I had ever had. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend if you've not been to Benny Hanna. They also did Filat Mignon for my wife and they did a Habashi steak for me, which was becasically like a New York Strip. Honestly, of the two, my wife got the better end of the deal because that tenderloin cut at a rare whole. My Gosh, it just melted like you would not believe. But the point to this story was not to Brag about all of the amazing food. The point of it was actually to discuss what happened after the meal. And so we...

...are there, we're finishing up the meal. I'm finishing everything on my plate because, oh my gosh, it was amazing food. I having never been there, I wolfed everything down. I don't think I had had anything for a lunch and so I was ready to eat everything. Well, out of the corner of my eyes I see something on the table next to me and I gliance over and I realize that the two little old ladies that were sitting at the end of the table next to me had busted out tupper where, you guys copper where? Like I've seen that sort of thing on like comedy television whatnot, I don't think I've ever actually seen a person an inter restaurant go and pull out a tupper work container like up I got my doggy bag ready to go and like it was like I am trying not to stare, but at the same time I'm like who brings their own tupper where to dinner like that is I mean, I guess environment totally responsible, but what on earth, like that's just not something that I think about. And so it was just it was very like, okay, and you know what I was talking about. How well, this will probably last me three or four days. Like you know, and I mean my Gosh, you guys, like if you've never been sitting next to somebody as a complete stranger at the table and had them bust upper were out for you, can I just tell you it is possibly one of the funniest things, because then you're sitting here thinking about the fact they planned this. These are seasoned veterans who have clearly been here before and clearly know how this game is played. But also they brought their own tupper where, like you're thinking about the fact that they had to bring it in in their bag and all of that. Like you know, if you walk in with upper where in your hand, I don't know if the host is going to look at you weird or not. It seems to me like that might be something that they would do. And but regardless, like they smuggled in their own tupper where in their giant oversized old lady bags and put them out on the table and filled them up with everything. And I mean the One lady had two tupper work containers just for herself. I'm just like, okay, you clearly know what you're doing here. I just scarfed everything and didn't save anything for later. But yeah, more power to you. You enjoy that meal. That was that was fantastic. So all right, we're going to go ahead and take our first break. When we come back, we are going to talk about the two topics of the hour. That would be low key and black widow. Stay tuned and we're back. Thanks again for tuning in to the dead Delorian podcast. This is our bonus episode and the first thing we are going to talk about on what we've been watching is black widow. Because, oh my gosh, we went to a movie theater. That's right, we one of the first things that we did, actually after the boys went with Nan and Pappy, is Sunday night we went to the drive in down here in Newburgh. They were doing a double feature of black widow and Cruella, and honestly, I was not interested enough to stay up for Corolla. I really just wanted to see black widow and I didn't want to spend the thirty bucks to do the Disney Premiere access and I wanted to support our local drive in. And so that was what we wound up going to go and see was black widow. And Yeah, that was a really good experience to return to the movie theaters for it was one of those things like it was it the best marvel movie ever made? No, it was not. It was flawed like any of the other ones, and I mean there in plenty of flaws in them, but in terms of really enjoyable movie content, it was something that I personally enjoyed. I think it had the right blend of humor and action to it. The idea that there was a Russian version of Captain America who also happened to like be telling these big stories in prison about how he had defeated Captain America to find...

...the fact that, I don't know, Captain America was frozen on ice for the time that he's claiming that he was in this fight with him. That was a really kind of a fun thing, kind of seeing David Harbor take that on. Also, Florence pube taking on the roll of Yolena Bellava like she did fantastic. I think she was kind of the shining point and it really this felt like a torch passing to her kind of for that black widow type of role, because she did such a fantastic job with it and it was just her comic timing was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching her in the little drummer girl, which was on AMC a few years back, which was a development of a John lacar novel into a miniseries that was kind of along the same lines as the night manager. If you saw that the time Huddleston, which, by the way, was also fantastic and I thoroughly recommend that if you have not seen it, because you get to see Tom Hittleston as a good guy and Hugh Laur is the bad guy and it was a very fantastic series, but it's been a bit since I've seen that. Regardless, Florence Pew brought an element of like seriousness to it, but at the same time she was also incredibly like sarcastic and witty and there were just, I think, many shining scenes for her throughout the movie. And can we talk about that post credit stinger, because that was another thing that I was like, okay, well, this will be interesting just to kind of see what plays out. So basically it's very obviously set after the events of end game and you see Yolena going and visiting Natasha's grave and there she is met by none other than Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Aka, baroness of and Valentina Day, whatever the I can't even just call her vowel, but do it in your head, not out loud. And Yeah, so she popped up and apparently has been working with our good friend Yelena here and HMM, yeah, apparently she is being sent to hunt Hawkeye. Uh Yeah, so it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. We already know of val from the end of Falcon in the winter soldier, where she is recruiting John Walker, Aka US agent, to be on her little team, like kid. I say that with the kind of the joker voice to it, you know, who's ready to join our team, like because that kind of is what it feels like. It feels like she's almost the anti fury. And maybe she's not the anti fury, but it kind of feels like she is. And can I just say I really really, really, really, really really really hope at some point we get her and Samuel Jackson on screen together because the Oh my gosh, I think that would be an amazing way to kind of see how they playoff of each other. I think it'd be great. But regardless. Yeah, so Yolena is going to apparently be hunting our good friend Hawkeye, which is probably something I would have to guess is going to be addressed when we come around to our next marvel series, and that would be Hawkeye. I think. I don't know if Hawkeye is next or if Miss Marvel is next. One of the two is next. Whichever one is next, I have the feeling when we get to Hawkeye there's definitely going to be some stuff that they're going to have to address there. I think it'll be fun to kind of see how that all plays out. Is this something where our quint is going to wind up redeeming Yoyana the same way that you redem Natasha, or is it going to be something different? I I don't know, we'll see. So, overall, thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Thumbs up. If you haven't seen it, definitely would recommend seeing it. I don't know if I would pay the thirty bucks for Premier Access to watch it at home, but at the same time, like I know what also people who are doing that, and I guess if that's how you want to do movies, you can do movies that way. I just don't feel like my setup is nice enough to really truly pull off that home theater experience.

So then, last but notnweaste, can we talk about the Lokey Finale, because, oh my gosh. Okay, spoiler alert. You should probably already know this, but I'm going to be talking spoiler heavy. I've given you the time to go over and watch everything if you've not watched it by this point. I've watched it twice. Guys, it it just I can't help you at this point. You're just going to have to turn back now or you're going to have everything ruined. So where we last left Lokey and Sylvie, they were on their way to the ominous castle hidden with inside of the cloud monster that was guarding it, and so we pick right back up where we left off, where they are doing their walk up this rock pathway to the castle. They have this whole conversation about whether or not they should go in. Sylvie's trying to build up a courage before kicking the door in, and then all of a sudden the door opens on its own and they walk in, obviously suspicious, and they you get a nice little jump scare from a good old friend, Miss Minutes, in a much harder form, but she winds up telling Loki that he is impressed and wants to work out at deal and all that. You're kind of like, who is this guy? What's going on all of that stuff? And Yeah, you wind up getting to the elevator where he is and he turns out to be the one who remains. WHO, in the marvel cinematic universe, we kind of find out is going to be a variant of king the conqueror, because he's played by none other than the guy they've cast for Kring the conqueror in aunt man in the Lop Quantum Mania, and I just have to say in terms of how major villain introductions go, I really, really rather enjoyed his introduction because he was definitely the type of person you could tell that he's got a certain element of menace to him, but he's also very kind of off the cuff and like not nonthreatening and threatening at the same time. It's a really weird way for him to pull it off, but he did a fantastic job. You also find out that he apparently voiced the timekeepers during the episode where the timekeepers get beheaded and you find out that they're just animatronics, so that was a kind of a cool little nod there. But regardless, he basically gives wokey and Sylvia proposition that they can take over things at the time bureau and they can coexist and, you know, be together. Two lokey's. Is Unnatural as it is, he thought it would be kind of interesting and, long story short, woke he tries to stop sylvie, not because he wants the throne but because he wants her to be okay, and she winds up chucking him through a tempad door and closing it and then going and killing him. Well, the thing that you find out in all of this whole exposition that he does, which he does a quite a bit of talking. He is a talkier, talker, chat, chat, chatty like. He talks to the point that it makes lokey seemed quiet. But you find out that he is a variant and that basically it was his variant that started the big multiversal war that the timekeepers tell you about, and they basically he was one of the benevolent ones and the other ones were not so pure of heart and they wanted to conquer everything and that basically, by killing him, they could potentially bring something much worse. Sylvie doesn't care, let's be honest, she's been bent on revenge and so she gets him like a fish. For those of you who were like Eugene and don't know what a fish is, well, it's an expression that just means pain, much pain. Yeah, anyway.

Yeah, so, but lowkey winding up in the time variance authority again goes running out and it was very it was very interesting because of how they pull this off, because earlier in the episode when they're getting actually not when the episode, but in the episode before, when Loki Sends mobius back to the TVA to burn the place down, he and Mobius have this beautiful moment of friendship where they're hugging each other and like, you know, go forth and give them heck kind of thing. And so then he comes out and he's running through the TV and immediately you notice something's not right because Eugene, who was just the desk analyst the last time that we saw him, is suddenly dressed up in right year heading out on a mission for something. Yeah, he woke he runs up to mobius, said we've messed up. Still be killed him, and I think many, many worse versions of this guy are coming to us. And then mobius goes, okay, who were you? What section do you work in? Mobius does not remember a low key at all. And so now we're at a point where a low key, going all the way back to where lady siff was saying you're going to be alone, he is now truly alone in this situation. He is the only one in this timeline that now knows what is happening with Kang and all of that, and he looks over and he sees where the timekeeper statute and previously you now see what is very obviously kang the conqueror as a statue. And so now he's in control of the time variance authority. And I what does that mean? Well, it means there's going to be a whole lot of a mess for them to unpack in season. Oh yeah, this is me nerding out because the fact that they left off where they did, wey be a little bit nervous. Until you got to the Post Credit Stinger and it says low key will return for season two. Give me more Tom Huddleson playing this character. I don't care how many seasons I get. I would love at least five seasons of him playing this character. But regardless, like Tommy Hudleston plays the part so well. And if they bring back Sophia de Martino as well as sylvie, the lady wokey like, I also really enjoyed her performance, kind of as a foil to him, and it was just very interesting the way that he put it at one point where she cannot trust whereas he cannot be trusted, and so it was. It was a just beautiful relationship with the two of them and you try not to think about it too hard. You kind of do ship them, but at the same time you're like, wait, so he's in love with himself, but a female version of wow. There's all sorts of things here that narcissists would be like. WHOA BUDDY? Okay, anyways, we're going to head to our last break and when we return we are going to have our pod deck. Question of the not really a week, but you get the point. Stay tuned and we are back. Thanks again for tuning into the DAD Doloran podcast. As always, if you want to support this program you can go ahead and support us on buy me a coffeecom slash the Dad Doloran there you have options to make a onetime donation or, if you want to go ahead and support the work on a more frequent basis, there is the option to join our DAD DOLORIAN covert. That is a three dollar a month charge or if you want to pay for the full year in advance, it is thirty dollars. So it's a discount of six dollars over the monthly price. So yeah, if you want to go ahead and do that, and you will get notification in advance of the podcast episodes that are dropping and kind of what they're going to be about, as well as an invitation to our dad, Lorian, covert monthly...

...meetings, where right now we have been mostly playing video games online, but we will be doing whatever it takes, depending because at this point it's just a couple of us with xboxes and at some point I imagine somebody who likes playstation might join us. God forbid. And Yeah, so this week's pod decks question of the week. Have you ever had anything stolen and, if so, what was it? Okay, honestly, I have never had anything stolen that I can think of. I can tell you that I did steal something once as a small child. I'm not proud of it, but when we were at fabricl and my mom apparently was not paying attention and I stole a pair of shoelaces when I was maybe four years old and wasn't even tying my own shoes at that point. So why I felt the need to steal a set of shoelaces, I didn't know. I got in a lot of trouble. I had to take it back. It was and I don't even remember, like I don't even think they were that cool. I think it was one of those things where you're falling off of the display between the counter and the cutting table and I picked it up and assumed well, because it was on the floor, nobody cares, so I can take it. So, yeah, not proud of that. I absolutely did that, but yeah, that is the about the best theft story that I have. I had somebody break into my car once when I lived in Beaverton. They didn't steal anything, which the fact that they stole are broke into my car in the first place was a little bit weird because I drove a ninety one buick century at the time. Like it didn't exactly scream this dude's got money, and so the fact that you would shatter the window and then not take anything, I was like, I remember telling the police officer I almost wish they would have taken something so I could have felt like they had a reason for breaking the window, but they just broke the window and that was the end of it. So any case, all right, we are going to head out. Remember, parenting is a complicated profession. Stay safe, my friends. We will see you on our next episode.

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