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036 - Lightly Used Army Fort


This week, Andrew talks adventures in camping, and prepares the listener for the upcoming Book of Boba Fett (shoutout to Ming Na Wen's epic side-eye!), Morbius (Is it super heros? Vampires? Is that Tobey McGuire's Spider-Man?) Death on the Nile, Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales (Tony... uh... Hale? I'm so ashamed, sorry Forky), and a rambling monologue on voices.

Dad Worry because parent? Well, Hello and welcome to the DAD Lorian podcast. We are on episode, I think, thirty six this week. I am using a new computer that's not have the episode number on it. So whatever it shows on the top of the file when I will uploaded, that's what the number is. I'm pretty sure it's thirty six. Might be thirty seven, who knows at this point? Yeah, I could to be back again after another brief hiatus. So this this particular summer, I think it's been a little bit busier than I'd anticipated and so I haven't had as much time to devote to it. On top of that, there has been a whole lot that I've been able to watch lately just or just not been interested in watching right now. So it's been a lot less of that time or that kind of stuff right now because there's not really a ton on, you know. I mean I caught up on Ted Lasso and enjoyed that and you know what was it? We had the h Halloween special for Star Wars, which I just realized I did not even discuss that on my last episode and probably should go ahead and just discuss that. But that is like it's not been a really busy time for me as far as stuff to stream, stuff to watch, that sort of thing, and so it's just not been a high priority at this point. I mean, obviously I can still tell you about everything that's going on with the boys and all of that, and that actually brings us to a couple different things I can cover this week because one two weeks ago we did our next camping trip in the trailer. We went out to Fort Stevens, which was a blast and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it, I thoroughly enjoyed it, Mama thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a good time. It was definitely nicer than we were expecting. The only time that it rained was really the day that I had to pitch camp and that was miserable and not going to lie like just having to go out there and try to get all of the hookups set up while it's pouring down rain. It just does not a fun thing and at that point I was getting hungry and maybe been a little bit crabby and all of that. But end of the day we did wind up getting everything set up and we had a good time. It was it was a lot of fun. Got To learn some history. Did Not realize that there was a civil war for it in the state of Oregon. It turns out that Fort Stevens actually started out as a civil war fort that was completed a couple of days before they actually ended the war, so it didn't really get a whole lot of a wartime use, and then it was later converted into a military base for World War II and was used to guard the mouth of the Columbia. It is, fun fact, the only location of a mainland US attack. That blew my mind. I was completely unaware of it before we go out there, but they've got this great history center that kind of talks about everything there and you get to go and see everything. But bottom line like it was guarding the mouth of the Columbia and apparently Japanese submarine had managed to somehow follow a bunch of fishing boats through the mine fields that were out there in order to get their shot off. But when they were attacking, I guess it was the dead at night and they just went completely black in the fort and didn't return fire. I actually would have expected they would have returned fire, but they figured out that apparently it was too far out for their guns to hit and so they just didn't fire back and they blacked everything out and the attack was completely ineffective. So yeah, but that was the that was the interesting stuff that we got to learn historically. We did go to go to the story of column as well, which isn't too far away from it, but that was a fun experience for the boys. Alton actually did climb the whole way up to the top. I did not wind up going up to the top of the story of column because one I figured I was probably going to have to carry the little one the entire way and that seemed like a lot of steps to go up with the little one, but then to on top of that, I was afraid I might get a little claustrophobic towards the top there, so I opted to stay down at the bottom. Amanda and Alton went up to the top and they bought the little Balsawood planes that you can throw off the top,...

...and so the intent was that we stay down there and would eventually catch them when they came down. Only the wind and the aerodynamics of those planes was not in cooperation at all on this and wound up just going the complete opposite direction. So we didn't light up recovering our planes. We end up buying a couple more for the boys for souvenirs to take home, and then both of them got broken before we even got them home, because they're balso would and of course they are. So yeah, that was that was the fun. And Yeah, it was. It was a blast. We really enjoyed it it. Can't wait to go on our next trip. Our next trip is going to be for spring break. We are actually going to be going out to Halem Bay, I believe, and that'll be a little bit of a different experience. Every time that we've gone out with the trailer's been a little bit of a dope for an experience. The first time it was just getting it set up. The second time we got to set it up and then stay for a night on hitch everything. Like I didn't bother to unhitch it when we stayed at Shampoo because I knew were going back the next morning. But this time I actually unhitched the trailer so that we could go and drive out and pick stuff up or hang around go do stuff. And this time we actually had some of our own utensils and whatnot, you know, and so we're kind of figuring things out with the camping as we go along and it's been it's been a lot of fun. So yeah, and then on top of that we also had Halloween recently, and so, with that being said, the boys and I all went star wars themed. Amanda prepared our car for trunk or treat at Church and that she actually did a it's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown theme on that. She actually dressed up as Lucy and yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun. She got that all set up. It looked beautiful. She hand drew the characters and put them up in the back of a truck, not the truck, but the harm rom her car, and so there was that. But the boys and I were all off of Star Wars and, more specifically this mandalorian themed characters, or not necessarily mandalorian themed. But alt and wound up reusing his costume for REX last year. So he last year went as Captain Rex in his costume was too big for him, but he wound up being able to use it again this year too. So he really, really wanted to do that and I wasn't going to turn him down. I mean, Hey, just don't have to buy a new costume every year. That's totally okay with me. So he still fitted it perfectly. So we put him in that. Alton was having fun with that. Austin, we wound up going to costco and getting one of the Mandalorian costumes, and so he was dressed up as din Jarin and it was not a big fan of masks, I'll just put it that way, but we did manage to at least keep it on him long enough to get a picture of it. And Yeah, he did really enjoy the costume like he saw it in mean, he's like Mando, Mando, Mando, so that was fun for him. That another one that I think might still fit him next year because it was still really big. I mean he's only two and I want to say that this was a four for the costume. So I might be able to se that next year if he wants to. I don't know, we'll see. And then myself, I wound up finding out that they do in fact make a mandalorian costume for re armored Boba Fett, and so that was my pick because I'm like look, if we're going to be doing this like I'm doing this and so I wound up getting that one. I will say the boys masks are much better made than the adult masks. Like the boys master are a nice hard plastic. The adult one was a much flimsier plastic. So that was a definite like Huh, interesting, but it was still a lot of fun. Honestly, if I could justify the reasoning behind getting it. I would absolutely love to do the Black Series Boba Fett helmet from Hasbro, because that looks amazing and, like, I mean, it's something that I don't know if I would be able to do it but like I see the people who do... the five o First Legion events where they're volunteering their time for the kids and that sort of thing, and I think that would be kind of fun to do. I don't know if I'd be any good at it, but it was definitely something that I saw and was like uh, okay, but like there's a lot of work involved getting to make your own costume and making sure that it all fits movie accuracy and all of that and so and looking on their website, I don't think they've even got an approved template for Boba Fett rearmored at this point. It looks like they just have returned the Jedi on their right now, and so like I think it would be fun to do that and, you know, be able to volunteer the time to help out kids and, you know, do that sort of event stuff. But like, I don't know, like I don't know if that's something that I really would want to pursue. So I just think it'd be interesting. Like, who, excuse me, I see those guys out and about and I think, man, they do some really cool stuff. So that is what it is. So, yeah, that's what we've been up to and yeah, we're getting excited for different things coming up. Book a Boba fette trailer. We're going to talk about that in a little bit here, but that dropped literally the day after I go dressed up as Boba Fett I can't imagine that was coincidental. I think that they just need's like okay, he's done it, we'll go ahead and give him this little thing now. That's not it at all, but that was definitely kind of a nice little treat to find the next morning. So we're going to go ahead. We're going ahead to our first break. When we come back, we are going to talk about streaming and, more specifically, not necessarily stuff that we are streaming now, because, again, it isn't a lot that I'm watching right now, but there is a lot of stuff coming up that it's coming up rather quickly, so we're going to go to that. Stay tuned and we're back. Thanks again so much for tuning in to the dead Delirian podcast. So this week we are talking about mostly stuff that's coming up and that we've gotten recent trailers for. So first thing I am going to cover book a Boba Fette all. I am super excited to see this. One thing to note for sure that I think, is you're going to find on this I'm going to guess pretty much all that footage that we saw is most likely just from the first episode of it. I don't know how accurate that's going to be, but I'm going to say a vast majority of it is going to be. I don't think they're giving away too much and I think that there's the opportunity for them to do a lot of stuff with this that they are going to really, I think, blow everybody's minds, hopefully, but it looks like it's going to be really good. It's going to be looking like focused on Boba taking over job is palace and kind of trying to instill a different system there than was there previously. As he says in the trailer, job I ruled through fear. I rule through respect, and so I think that'll be interesting to see how that all plays out at there's a lot going on in that trailer. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check it out, but it looks amazing. So, yeah, can't wait to see everybody's favorite bounty hunter clone. And also, I'm just wondering here, are we going to get maybe an Omega in live action? I'm hoping so. I think it'll be interesting. It will also, I can say that I got to say this right now, Magna when does possibly one of the best annoyed faces I've ever seen. Like she's fantastic at it, and this is one of those like stupid things, but like seriously, like nobody gives you the side eye better than Mingno when does, and she does it fantastically, as Fenex Shannd in this and so shout out to you, mg Noo when, for having the best side eye in the business. Just that's all there is to it. Next thing to discuss here. We are going to talk about the trailer for Oh Gosh, what was the trailer for? Hmm, I did you see the trailer from Morbius today, and that, I think, is...

...going to be interesting. I still don't necessarily know, and I don't necessarily know that even Sony knows what they're doing with it at this point, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out with everything coming from spider man and just all of the stuff they're they're definitely tying some things together. There's some stuff that I think might be a bit of a stretch. One of the things that somebody brought up is, Hey, well, there's the picture of Sam Remy Spider man in this so multiverse confirmed. I think that we've already moved past the multiverse confirmed piece, but I didn't necessarily see enough of the picture of spider man in there to necessarily conclusively say that that was Sam Remy Spider man costume. Maybe it was, I don't know, but that was one that I was like, Oh, okay, that'll be interesting. We'll see where this goes and where they take all of it and hopefully it will be a lot of fun. Yeah, I just don't know, like I'm not a big vampire person and more bus as a character, like. I mean I remember him from the TV show when I was a kid. But, like, I'm not sure how much this is going to necessarily be required viewing when compared to a lot of the other stuff that's in the mcu. Another thing I want to talk about with mcu. The eternals hasn't even come out yet. I was questioning whether I was going to want to necessary see it in theaters. Of I was just going to wait for it to come out on digital, and right now I'm thinking I may wind up waiting until digital on it. Like you know, I will be honest, like Shunkchi blew me away in terms of it was unexpected. It was not what I was you know, I showed up not knowing what to expect and it was fantastic. But the turns is seem to me like it doesn't really know what they're doing. And the reviews at this point, and you know how much faith you give it to the reviews. Honestly, like, I don't know, but right now, apparently it is the first certified rotten on rotten tomatoes for the mceu. It's apparently achieved a lower score than for the dark world, which has been arguably the worst of the mcu movies coming to date. So that says a lot, I think. I think what was going to be interesting to see is what their box office all winese being, because people are so starved for any content at this point. But that is one of those ones that I'm just like okay, well, I've I'm not feeling compelled to run into out and see it and it doesn't sound like from everything that I've read that it's going to necessarily be required viewing. Like it almost sounds like somebody was talking about the movie and is like, well, you don't have to see the rest of the mcu for this to make sense. It kind of stands on its own. It's like well, if it stands on its own, then is it really gonna be like that necessary of viewing? So I don't know, we'll see what happens with it, but that was what I saw this week that I was like Huh, okay, interesting. So sometimes you want to bring in an Oscar running director to bring Gravitass to your thing, but it sounds like there's a good possibility that Kevin figgy holding off on this because he wanted to make it for Oscar season. It may have been in vain, and so that'll be interesting to see how everything all pants out there. What else we got? What else we got? Well, there was a trailer for pixars movie white year, which, if you hadn't heard about it at the Disney Day that they announced it, that looks like it's going to be very interesting pixar movie because basically you're getting the man behind the character. So you know, we've got everybody knows Tim Allen as buzz lightyear in the toy story movies and kind of his character revolution all of that. But what you don't really realize until this movie was announced, is that buzz lightyear is supposed to be based off of a real person and that real person is going to be voiced by none other than Chris Evans. So you're getting captain America in the Pixar World. Now, guys,...

...this would be very interesting to see how this turns out. It looks like it'll be fun, like it's one of those things like looks like Pixar taking on a sci fi adventure kind of thing and like I think that they will probably like pis, are very rarely missfires. I think they will probably have some fun with that one and I think it's going to be a different take from them than a lot of their previous movies, but it'll be kind of anything. It'll be an interesting thing and at the very least I'm going to show up to here Chris Evans Voicing Buzz lightyear and see how he takes it differently from the version that we get in toy story. That's kind of the cartoon version, as it were. So that is another thing that's coming up that looks like it will be a good one to check out. Another thing that I've been thinking about and I haven't seen a trailer for this in a while and I think it's probably because army hammer is apparently a terrible person, according to stuff that I've found, and so they keep pushing the movie back. But death on the Nile looks like it will be a fantastic movie. It's supposed to be out at the end of this year, but there has been a lot of fanfare around it. I don't necessarily think that they're going to be keeping the end of the year date that they were originally thaying. And this movie was supposed to be out like last year. So I think this has been over a year in the making, like it's been ready, it's been there to go. But apparently army hammer is kind of psychotic and into cannibalism and yeah, I don't even necessarily know what all of that dudes deal but he sounds like he's pretty messed up and so it sounds like Fox is trying to push that off as much as possible. From when all of that came out, you can't really just get rid of the movie because it's supposed to be a pretty heavy investment and honestly, like the first movie with poor row, where you had kind of Brana playing the character, loved that movie. I was not expecting to love it because I've always been a huge fan of the David Suche poirot stuff, but Kenneth Brana brought something to it that I really enjoyed and so I've been kind of waiting for that movie to come out and so I hope it comes out soon. I hope we get something. Just give us a new trailer or anything, I don't care, but just something. But that was originally solicity slated for the holidays. I think they've pushed it back again. So yeah, that's that. Now one thing I will bring up that I don't think I discussed last time around, but the what is it? Terrifying Tales, the Lego Star Wars thing. Why up watching that, and I will say I've not washed it with the boys because that's a little bit scarier, I think, than Alton Than Austin are prepared to deal with. At the very least if we do watch it, we're not going to watch it close to bedtime. That just, I think, would be stupid. But that being said, that was a really good like they did kind of the holiday special thing again, but they made it different and new and you got basically different tales about different scith characters and what happened with them, and it wound up being a really very well done like. I enjoyed it, kind of like character discussion. You get a little bit more about Kylo Ren and becoming kylo Ren and Ren the leader of the gang before Kylo ren takes over, kind of thing, and he was voiced by Christians slater in this was fantastic. I think my favorite part about the whole thing is the fact that I can't remember the characters name. I think his navy. Not Know something. Anyway, this dude that was in like one scene in rogue one as the caretaker for vaders castle in the rogue one film. Like this dude is voiced by none other than the wonderful, fantastic why can't I think of this man's name? Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony. It's going to kill me because, like he's been... so much. He was Emmett on Chuck. He's the voice of forky in the toy story for film like. He's fantastic. Tony is completely escaping my mind. I feel terrible about this. I'm going to have to Google it and this is just going to be in the edit because I don't feel like going back and editing it out. But Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, oh my gosh, not Tony Shalhoube. Forky asks a question for Ky. Ask a question for key, for key, for key, for key. Tony Hail. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that it took me that long. Anyway, Tony Hale, he is fantastic. He plays this like creepy dude very well, like telling these tales of the scith and all of that, so that he can, you know, go through the temple thing and bringing back Carbala the hut, who is taking vaders castle and turning it into a resort, because of course Gearbala is opening another resort. Why wouldn't Grubala the opening another resort? So it was it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. Tony Hale, I apologize for forgetting your name, but you are amazing. Please bring US season two of forky asks a question, or even Navi asks a question and I can't remember the guy's name and obvious it might be the name of the characters from the Oh, the thing with the blue people. I'm not doing a great job of anything right now, remembering names. Come on, man, Vanny Fanny, not navy vanny. I had the right letters the wrong order. Yeah, the Navy are the blue people from Avatar. Vanny is the character it. He plays in terrifying tales. So anyway that if you haven't seen it, definitely check it out. Worth seeing. So we're going to go ahead head to our last break and when we come back I don't know what we're going to do. I don't have a question lined up and I might just freestyle it, so stay tuned. Welcome back to the DAD Dolorian podcast. I am your host, Andrew, and I don't really know what I'm doing with my voice here, to be totally honest. Yeah, Oh, I kind of felt like I was giving into my inner fraiture crane. Hello, I'm Dr Frasier Crane. I'm listening. Like you ever feel like you should be doing more with your voice? Like I always got told on the phones, when I picked up the phones at work, that Oh, you sound like you could be on radio, and I always thought that was silly and like, at the same time I kind of wonder should I have done more with my voice? Should I have gone into like voice acting or radio or something like that? I don't know, I don't know. That is a question that I mean, I can't really answer because I don't know if I would have been a successful at it. But it is still one of those fun things that I get to do where every once in a while I just go into this voice and, you know, occasionally, like I'll do the sort of sort of thing with the boys to were like there's certain books that I will read, like the remarkable farkel McBride. I've started reading to my son's in this like ope hity, the prodigy farkel McBride. No matter the instruments, poor farkel tried, whether strumming or blowing, or drumming or bowing, his musical passions were unsatisfied and like just kind of taking that kite, almost borderline houghty twitty voice, like you know, you kind of like ow and welcome to masterpiece theater. I am your host guy. Can't even think of who hosted masterpiece theater. But yeah, then, you know, just that sort of thing. Like I try to play around with my voice a lot with the boys when I'm reading them books and so like. Every once in a while I'll get something good, every other times it's not so good.

But like I really enjoy kind of doing that booming voice like hello and welcome to like and I can drop down to very low, but not like Super Low. But I can also talk at a higher voice and you know, so whatever. But you know, I do my vocal play, I guess, is kind of the thing. Like and I can, you know, fake some accents every once in a while, like I will get called on by my wife to play a character in, say, a Christmas play at church or something like that. If I'm trying to mimic a particular accent, you know, like Bobby Broadway from the producers and all that, and like doing that sort of thing, I have fun with that and I may have to be very specific on how I do it, like, for instance, with that particular one. There was one point at which my wife called me out in front of all of the kids, like when I somehow drifted from like Brooklyn to Boston to all of a sudden I'm talking in Australian accent, and like she's just like that was quite the accent, and so like at that point I wound it, writing all my lines down fanatically trying to get the sounds right so that I knew what I was supposed to sound like, because I knew what I was saying, I just had to say it in the right way. So, you know, Bobby Broadway, oh my gosh, that's fantastic, and like not going into the good day might and how will you today? And I'm Oh, yeah, Hmmm, Oh yeah, okay. Anyway, this is what happens when I freestyle is you get me kind of in the weird rambling mood where I'm not necessarily making a ton of sense about anything and I'm not even asking a question at this point, but just really going around and shooting breeze, as it were. So, yeah, this is this is me right now, just all over the place. W K RP and Cincinnati. NOPE, nope, not, not that, not that. Yeah, any case, let me know you guys, if there is something you are excited about that's coming out soon. Let me know. If there's something that you're enjoying right now that I may not have seen, let me know because, like I said, I've not been washing a ton of stuff outside of my normal wheelhouse. I think Ted Lasso was about the furthest out of my normal wheelhouse that I've gotten. And Yeah, like it's one of those things that it just was there and I was like, yeah, I'll check this out and honestly, like in a lot of regards, Ted Lasso was kind of my spirit animal, like definitely in with the Dad Jokes and tends to be pretty upbeat. I I don't always do the best at being the upbeat person like that, and I think they in the sea second season they do what a lot of talking about that just because you realize that he's positive all the time, but he's trying to use that to cover and I I don't cover very well. Just be honest. If I'm irritated, you're going to know it. But yeah, so any case, if there's something that I haven't caught that maybe you think I need to check out and let me know. Right at this point I've got Disney plus, Amazon Prime, I've got HBO MAX is included with my subscription and right now I've got the apple TV for like three months, I think. I can't remember how long my subscription thing is for, but it's one of those things I won't pay for Apple TV because there's not enough there to interest me. Like I'll probably pay for a month of Apple T v when the last season of Tedal asso comes out, or the next season. I don't know if that's actually going to be the last season, but regardless I will probably check that out. But, like the boys getting to watch the snoopy show is not enough for me to want to pay the five bucks a month. Yeah, like, and I can't do like the stuff for the snoopy holiday specials because we already owned them on Blu Ray. We did that last year actually, when they announced that apple was getting them exclusively, because we weren't sure if we were going to get to watch them on TV, and I was like, you know what, I'm just going to go ahead buy the BLU ray, and bought the Blue Ray got the digital copies. So we're not in any need there for the peanuts stuff. But regardless, like the stupy show and everything on there, it's been good stuff, but it's a...

...waste for me to pay five bucks a month for that when you know there's so much else out there. Right now we're one one show that I have wanted to check out. I don't have a Hulu subscription. I might have to go ahead and like, cash in a free one to check this out, but the one murder's murders, only orders, only in the building, only murders in the building. I can't remember how what order it is, but it's the one with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and what's her face? Selina Gomez like that actually looked like it could be pretty funny, and so I've thought about cashing in a WHO subscription to try that one out. Like I've actually been that is one thing that I've been watching. I have my subscription to masterclass that I've had since last Christmas and I'm coming to the end of it, realizing I haven't used as much of as I wanted to. So I'm going back and trying to watch some stuff, and right now I'm going back and trying to finish the Steve Martin on comedy and that it's I will say that's a lot of fun. I enjoy it. I'm enjoying his insights into the process and all of that, and he's very funny and just kind of getting how he got to where he is now. I mean, obviously this point he's considered kind of a master of the craft and he talks about continuing with a joke and thinking it's the funniest thing in the world even if it doesn't get a laugh. Just not acknowledging that I'm not funny was kind of one of his things that he became known for and so like. But he's got a lot of insights into it and so it's been something that I've been enjoying on there. And so yeah, any case, back to what I was saying, my question do you have something that I should be watching? Let me know I'll be willing to check anything out for at least an episode and see if it's going to be to my taste or not. And Yeah, so we'll go from there. So, whatever you are doing this week, guys, I hope you're crushing it. Yes, if we remember, please, as I'm remembering my line here because it's been a couple weeks since I've done it. Parenting is a complicated profession. Of My friends, stay safe out there. Take care. We will see you next time.

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